Getting Ready for the New Year – Part 4

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In the continuing series about how to get and stay motivated for success in the new year, I’m sharing the steps I use to help.

Dream on… Dream until your dream comes true.  (Thanks Aerosmith!)

Remember how I advised you to write down all those ideas that were coming up as you created your plan? Well, now is the time to go and evaluate them.

Creative ideas are great, but they can also distract. So I suggest taking some time to decide which are really viable. You see, I believe when our ideas to work out, we tend to lose our motivation to continue.

It happened to me just a few months ago. I had big plans for a big launch on a product I thought would be BIG. (Seeing a big pattern here?) The problem was I didn’t really have the bandwidth to put this launch into action. So I lost steam on everything else I was doing too, even with a plan in place!

So take out your list of ‘big ideas’ and pull out your plan thus far. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I really have the time to execute this idea?
  • What are the costs? Not just money, but time, talent, sanity? Is it worth it?
  • Do I think this idea will be profitable? (Remember, we’re in business here… if it’s not profitable is it worth doing? If so, why?)
  • Is this something I should be doing? Is someone else already doing it?
  • Who is this for? Me? My customers? Or someone else?

If you are still feeling positive for this idea, than get it planned. If not, keep it for a bit and see if in six months it is still a good idea. If not, ditch it!

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