The Real Reason Your Business Needs a Road Map

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Funny how I should have known this, afterall I’d been working in the business world for years and we always had planning and strategy meetings.

So why was it that when I first started my business I didn’t even think I should create a success road map?

It’s probably the same reason why you may haven’t either—I figured I’d eventually get around to creating my business and marketing plan, that is once I had some time.

But it didn’t happen at least not for the first year.

That’s because I was focusing on:

“Why I wasn’t getting a reply to a post on Facebook”
“Why I didn’t have enough Twitter followers”
“What would be the best WordPress plug in for (fill in the blank)”

Do you know what that’s like? Not focusing on the right stuff and just being all over the place with your plans?

You may think you have a business and marketing plan but it’s likely that you don’t, at least not one that includes a solid ‘getting client’ strategy and ‘cash flow’ plan.

There are several key reasons why your business needs a road map:

1.     Confidence

When you know what you’re doing and you have a plan you’ll feel confident in your growth plan. But more than that you’ll be able to trust that what you’re doing is working. Every business needs to follow a plan because when you do you’ll get to measure what works and what doesn’t.

2.     Clarity

There will be no more guessing. You’ll just know what to do and do it. You won’t get lost in a sea of your own questions. You’ll simply know what to do and then execute the steps.

3.     Freedom

Having a plan will let you know when to work, what to do when you work and exactly when you should take time off. Without a plan you won’t know what you’re doing and you’ll waste even more of your precious time.

I highly recommend taking time at the beginning of each year to map out your marketing and business plans. Once I started doing it I was able to double my income and work even less.

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