How to Sell Your Services Using Client Success Stories

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One of the biggest perks of keeping a high level of visibility is letting your visibility do the selling for you.

I have a colleague who’s great at selling, but has no online visibility or strong visibility strategy. Instead, she has to constantly prospect and close, prospect and close. Every person who engages in a conversation with her has “prospect” stamped on their head and she’s the type of person you run from when you see her in the room. You just KNOW there’s a pitch attached… and you start feeling like stalked prey.

Visibility- especially online visibility, because when people want information they go online- helps prospective clients get to know you without making them feel like Bambi running from the hunters. It puts intelligence into the sales conversation, providing prospects with information they can use to make a smart decision on who to buy from.

One of the greatest tools you can use is the success of your existing and past clients. When people share their success stories, they do the selling for you. And when you make that information public and part of your marketing, it communicates amazing results without manipulation or coercion.

Testimonials, case studies, and client success stories can be highlighted in blog posts, audio interviews, video… any media will do. Sometimes it’s a long conversation that will turn someone from interested to invested, other times it’s a short powerful snippet that catches your prospect’s attention.

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One comment on “How to Sell Your Services Using Client Success Stories
  1. Krystal M Elliott says:

    Just make sure your success stories method doesn’t backfire like #McDStories! Monitor carefully and honestly.

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