How to Sneak Around the Gatekeepers To Get Your Next Speaking Gig

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As a person who gets asked to speak a lot, I can tell you a little secret from behind the scenes: most of the time I have absolutely no idea how many requests come in and are declined. Yes, there are systems in place to handle all this, but every now and then I’ll add someone or something to my calendar that baffles my business manager and creates calendar havoc. How did it happen? Usually some smart person gets around the gatekeepers and gets straight to me.

This is exactly what happens with telesummits and teleseminar speaking opportunities too! You may think it’s impossible to get added to the line-up of a big name telesummit, but NOTHING is impossible and EVERYTHING is negotiable.

When you follow the usual channels (the ones that are clearly outlined and “strictly enforced”) chances are you’ll end up getting kicked out by the surly receptionist with a “Perhaps another time, kiss kiss!” email.

That’s why this is one of the most sought after points I’ll be teaching on my new training Break Out and Get Booked. That’s the training that you don’t want to miss and is so crazy-easy to sign up for and priced really low. Like lower than usual for me so don’t miss it.

Here’s a quick video with more tips on getting around the gatekeepers. The tips I’ll share on the training were gleaned from my own team… and I was amazed what they shared. Watch the video and be sure to sign up for the training.

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