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I just heard of a new sponsorship scam. A colleague was approached by a group claiming to represent companies looking to invest in her. Luckily, she didn’t fall for it.

Big companies, like Dell, Starbucks and Saratoga Water, will do sponsorships. But they don’t hire a company to go out and find people like you and me to award them to.

There is a better way to secure these sponsorships – not only for live events – but for ALL the marketing you do! (So far I’ve secured more than $90,000 this year in sponsorships!)

Sponsorships can pay the bills and give you money to spare! And they can boost your image as well as your bottom line. Sponsorships are a great publicity and promotion technique for your business. Securing a sponsorship from a major company can:

  • Increase your credibility in the markeplace. You’ll look like a ‘real player’ when you have other companies partnering with you.
  • Build customer confidence. When people see your business name alongside other well-known brands, they will automatically trust you more.
  • Attract other partners and sponsors. When other businesses see that another company is your sponsor, many will want to join in to ride the wave of promotion and buzz you are creating.
  • Elevate the status of your brand and your company (without advertising).
  • Attract new clients and customers.
  • And much, much more!

And best of all, if done correctly you can create sponsorship deals that are often worth tens of thousands of dollars. Amazing but true…and the best part is virtually nobody knows how to do this!

I’ll be teaching it at Business Charm School June 8-10. It’s the first time I will teaching my step-by-step method LIVE and giving instant feedback to all the attendees.

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One comment on “Sponsorship Deals
  1. I get emails like this all the time…people wanting to place ads, etc. Since Solo-E doesn’t accept ads, I politely decline (unless it looks like spam, then it goes to the spam folder). Even if you do accept ads, be very careful…the wrong ads can ruin your Google rankings! Take Shannon’s advice…seek out the ads that you’d want to be on your site, don’t let them pick you!

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