Do You Really Know What It Takes to be a Successful Entrepreneur?

By , The Growth * Success * Acceleration Expert

Solo-E Certified Solo Entrepreneur Expert

Laureen Wishom - The Growth * Success * Acceleration Expert

Entrepreneurs tend to be involved in every aspect of their businesses from being the bookkeeper, marketer, human resources manager, mediator, customer liaison officer, and janitor. The smaller the business, the harder it is for the owner to delegate these functions because they may not have the revenue to pay for the services.

Most entrepreneurs fail to realize that if they invest their dollars wisely in accessing the right type of goods and services to grow their business and become more effective, they would see positive changes occur over time. It takes time to build a good “business mindset.”

People who grow their businesses successfully do the following:

1. Highly successful small business owners are great role models.

They practice what they preach. They lead from the front.

2. Highly successful small business owners invest time and money in their team and themselves.

They develop their people and themselves using outside expertise to provide education, development and training.

3. Highly successful small business owners are organized.

They know how to manage their time and have systems in place, which enables them and their team to work effectively.

4. Highly successful small business owners are fit and healthy.

They understand that a healthy mind and body improves their productivity and general well-being. They realize that by keeping fit and healthy, it enables them to cope with the pressures of running a business.

5. Highly successful small business owners have a life.

They make their personal life a priority because they know it makes them a happier and more grounded person.

6. Highly successful small business owners look after their clients.

They know that clients are the life-blood of their business. Without clients, there would be no business. They provide excellent client service.

7. Highly successful small business owners are decisive.

Decisiveness and making the right decisions at the right time contributes to continued business growth and success.

What are you doing to become a successful entrepreneur?

Dr. Laureen Wishom is dedicated to teaching high-achieving women entrepreneurs, executives, non-profit leaders and career professionals how to master Growth, achieve Success and live in strategic Acceleration.  Through her workshops, VIPs, coaching programs and products, Dr. Laureen shows high-achieving women (and enlightened men) how to bring about radical success in:  1) Visibility and Positioning 2) Business Growth/Career Success, and 3) Revenue Acceleration.  She is known for creating “WOW”, providing an unique customized experience and educating women on “doing different things and then doing things differently”™.  To receive Dr. Laureen 5-day e-course entitled: How to "Show Off" Your Credibility for Revenue Acceleration or the audio: Are You Making a Cardboard Connection or a Brand Connection, visit

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