Why Testing and Tracking are Important to Your Business Success

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Testing and tracking are two of the most important habits you should be doing in your business. If you aren’t testing and tracking, chances are you’re leaving the bulk of the money your business could make on the table.

Here’s why testing and tracking is so crucial.

20% of Your Work Will Give You 80% of Your Results

The 80/20 rule applies in spades online. Many online business owners start out trying just about every traffic source under the sun, for example:

  • Article marketing
  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Blogging

If you’re tracking your results, you’ll quickly know what’s actually producing results and what’s not producing results. If you’re not tracking your results, however, you’ll have to keep putting in a ton of effort into things that just don’t produce results, because you don’t know what’s working and what’s not.

High Conversions Come from Small Tweaks

There’s often a myth that the “secret” to high conversions is to hire a superstar copywriter who will magically create a piece of copy that converts.

While it’s true that great copy matters, even great copywriters split test. Copywriting online or offline is all about trying to beat the control ad.

Having extremely high conversions is not a matter of having great copywriting skills or marketing tactics. Instead, it’s about systematically and scientifically testing out what works and what doesn’t work while looking at the cold, hard numbers over time.

If you incrementally improve your sales process by even just 0.1% a week, over time that can turn into huge conversion gains.

Reduce Time and Money Spent

“Half my advertising budget is wasted, I just don’t know which half.”

Any time you’re working on your site, you’re spending one of two resources: time or money.

If you’re spending hundreds of dollars on keywords that aren’t converting, wouldn’t you want to know that? Or, if you’re spending money on keywords that are converting well, wouldn’t you want to expand that campaign?

The only way you’ll have this data is if you tested and tracked everything. Testing and tracking won’t give you overnight success, but is a necessary key to success over the long run.

Setting up testing and tracking is easy. It’ll take you about 30 minutes to set up Google Analytics the first time, then about five minutes every time thereafter. Google Website Optimizer will take about 45 minutes to set up the first time and 20 minutes each time thereafter.

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2 comments on “Why Testing and Tracking are Important to Your Business Success
  1. Hi Shannon, 
    Agree 100%. I will summarize it in one sentence: knowledge is power.

  2. True. It’s very important to test and track. Tracking, however, requires in-depth analysis on things like where most of traffic is coming or what search term is driving you more visitors. Keeping yourself in the loop will make your testing more effective.

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