The Hardest Thing in the World

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It’s diamonds, right?

Nope. Scientists have found that there are actually materials that are even HARDER than diamonds.

But none of us would recognize their names. (Science nerds turned business owners – I know you’re out there… but you catch my drift).

I’d like to add a few more to the “world’s hardest” list:

  • starting a business
  • figuring out how to make money in that business
  • training yourself to think like an entrepreneur (not an employee)

Here’s the thing: your started your business because you CARE about the work.

Maybe you even feel called.

But the thing no one tells you (unless you read the E-Myth, which should be on the required reading list of all business owners) about starting a business is that you can spend a lot of time + money getting your:

– website set up
– logo designed
– elevator pitch worked out
– ebook written
– curriculum designed
– mindset ironed out in a coaching program

… and STILL not make any money.

What gives?

I’ll tell you – there’s no training school to show business owners how to make money. It’s been “trial and error”- and it’s often costly.

Lots of people out there can tell you what to do to grow your business…

…and lots of people out there can tell you how to “manifest” more money…

…but when it comes to simple, practical tools to being smart about money as an entrepreneur, there’s not a lot of real guidance out there.

So I decided to create it – so you don’t have to go through the “trial by fire” that it took for me to get smart about this money stuff. It’s:

“The Savvy Entrepreneur’s Guide to Money: 4 Simple Shifts to Make, Save + Spend Like a Smart Entrepreneur” on April 2nd at 7pm EST.

There’s no cost to attend – and I promise to share with you simple tools that my clients + I use everyday to make sure we’re smart about money in the long term.

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