Tips For Using Your Virtual Assistant To Brainstorm For New Products Or Services

By , Certified Online Business Manager/Social Media Manager

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Sophie Zollmann - Certified Online Business Manager/Social Media Manager

No matter how long you’ve been in business, your number one goal is to grow. Business growth is the key to success. There are several ways to see growth, which include marketing your business, offering sales, and networking with others. While those are great ways to grow your business and should be used all the time, there are other tasks you should work on regularly.

One of the best ways to grow your business is to change and add to what you offer. No matter if you offer products or services, it’s important to always be on the lookout for new things that are what your customers or clients are looking for. Once you find these things, you’ll see business growth month after month, but it doesn’t stop there. You need to add new things on a regular basis.

Coming up with ideas for new products or services can be a challenge. You may get to a point where you just can’t think of any more ideas, and when that happens you may give up on those new ideas and work on only the things you currently have at the time. While it’s possible to grow with the same products or services, over time it’s going to become more and more difficult, mainly because times change and people change and with that your business needs to change as well.

If you find you are in this position, you need to consider scheduling time with your Virtual Assistant to brainstorm with you for a time. A brainstorming session gives you the ability to think out loud together with someone that knows your business. You’ll find when you have these brainstorming sessions, you’ll come up with new ideas and techniques to grow your business.

You can do these sessions over the phone, on Skype, or on messenger and have great success. You can do these over email, but it’s more difficult because it’s not instant. The important thing to remember is you must write down all ideas or suggestions. One reason why you should write them down is because you don’t want to forget any of them, and the second reason is because you may read through these later and discover other ideas.

Two minds are always better than one, and when you schedule time with your Virtual Assistant to brainstorm with you for new product or service ideas, you’re bound to come up with new things to offer your customers or clients.

Sophie Zollmann of SophieZo Virtually There For You is a Certified Social Media and Online Business Manager committed to working with online entrepreneurs to get them back to working ON their business not IN it. They are able to focus on growing their business, taking great care of their clients, and having more time to enjoy life outside of their business. Find out more at

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