Website Critique (aka Paranormal Investigation of Websites by Michele PW Monster Hunter)

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This paranormal investigation report covers my findings for the website at

I chose that site for a couple of reasons — first because it shares many of the same “monster signs” I discovered on other sites, and second the owner wrote a nice note to help convince me to choose her site. (Note — never underestimate the power of a nice note to make things happen in your life.)

If you go to the site, you’ll see it’s new and it’s based around promoting her new podcast. So here are 2 things I would do differently to keep the Website Killer Monster from turning it into a haunted site:

1. The banner is too big. Actually it’s more than that — there’s nothing on the banner that would cause you to scroll down. There’s no subhead or language that speaks to her ideal client so they know they’re in the right place, there’s no picture of the host (so we can start to build a personal connection), there’s no indication this is even a podcast and there’s no place to collect an email.

Whenever possible I like to build an opt in for a gift in the actual banner itself — that way it’s right there at the top of every page. I also like to have language that immediately lets your ideal clients know they’re in the right place if they want a solution to what’s keeping them up at night.

2. Speaking of ideal clients, really sinking into who they are and crafting copy that attracts them and creates a buying environment where they feel heard and understood is a very important part of keeping the Website Killer Monster at bay.

Right now it feels like the site is only to speaking to “people who want to lose weight” which is waaaayyyy too big to talk to. “People who want to lose weight” covers everyone who wants to lose “just 5 more pounds” to those who just got diagnosed with a disease and want to lose weight for their health, to women who suddenly gained 20 pounds when they hit 40 to those who have struggled with their weight their entire life and more.

All of them have different conversations in their head and different things that are keeping them up at night, which is why the message needs to be personalized to each one.

My advice is to sink into one ideal client group and really write to them. (I can see glimmers of who I think she wants as her ideal client but it’s not quite there yet.) And if this is something you want even more help around, make sure you join me for my FREE training on Thursday at 11 am Pacific/2 pm Eastern “Is the Website Killer Monster Haunting Your Website? 3 Steps to Banish Him for Good So You See More Leads, Clients and Money From Your Website.” You can sign up for it here:

(Plus there’s still time to submit your site for a paranormal investigation after you sign up.)

Here’s that link again:

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One comment on “Website Critique (aka Paranormal Investigation of Websites by Michele PW Monster Hunter)
  1. Newbie Entrepreneur says:

    Thanks for your critique of the above site, Michelle. It was really meaty–great suggestions. How you explained the niche selection process helped me more than anyone else’s before this.

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