What Is Your Money Story?

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This may be a controversial article for some of you. It may hit you in that money wound trigger spot. Alas, I encourage you to keep reading and give this some serious thought. It just may transform your sales conversations, your business and maybe even your life.

I was on the phone with a client the other day and she mentioned that she was having trouble with the money objection in her sales conversations. She said, “Monica, when a person tells me that she is really struggling around money, I have a really hard time”.

I asked her to describe the last time she was struggling around money. Hot tip: if you are struggling with a particular objection – it’s usually because it is triggering something within you.

She responded: “Well, I remember when I couldn’t afford coaching. It was really a struggle for me. That was a hard time.”

I responded, “There wasn’t a time when you couldn’t afford coaching, it was a time when you thought you couldn’t afford it. But it would have made your life easier to get some guidance. Yes, it would have been a risk. And it would have reduced the struggle.”

See the thing is that if you really want something – you’ll figure out a way to pay for it. I’ve seen this over and over again with my clients.

I’ve seen clients sign up with me and then do what I tell them to do. Then they hustle. Really hustle. They do what it takes to generate income.

  • They get clients.
  • They borrow money.
  • They get loans from friends and family.
  • They get a second job.

This is what I did to pay for coaching in the early years. I went back and got a marketing consulting job to pay for basic expenses while I built my business.

I also asked for some help from my family.

I also started teaching as an adjunct professor at a local university.

And I built my business.

After nine months, I worked part time. After 12 months I left both jobs and lived solely off of my business income.

I paid my coaches about $1,800 a month from DAY 1 of my business. Today I pay more around $7,000 + a month for coaching. The truth is that some of the coaches I hired over the years were amazing. Others were unhelpful.

I kept looking and I kept buying until I found coaches that could help me make more money. I was determined to make my business work. I was very clear that I had a mission, and that mission did not live in a cubicle.

Here’s the thing, without coaching I know for certain I would have stopped or stagnated at certain points in my business. Not because I didn’t have the information, information is everywhere. I would have stagnated because I would have let fear talk me out of moving forward.

For example, when I filled my first group program, I would have stopped at five people and convinced myself that it was OK. My coach was the one that had me do 15 more sales conversations and actually fill the program. She pushed me further than I would have gone alone.

I tell you all of this, not because I expect any of you take the same sort of actions.

But here’s what I do know. Many of you already are. You are hustling. You are learning and growing. You’ve already hired a coach.

But when you get on sales conversations you don’t hold your clients to the same standards you’ve set for yourself. You buy their stories about how they can’t afford you right now. I’m not saying that these stories aren’t true or real. They are very real for your potential clients.

However, if you want to get underneath the surface of how to deal with the “money stories”, you have to stop believing in them yourself. You have to stop engaging with their drama.

You must hold a space for them to move beyond the drama and into the hustle and action. You are the only one that will hold that space. Everyone else in his or her world will sympathize and concur with her.

If you can just hold a space for her to figure out a way to find the money. If you can have a conversation about what the underlying fears are around the money, you might just transform her life.

Stop buying the story. Hold the vision for your potential clients, even when they don’t know how to do this for themselves.

I know this may sound new to you or confronting. Come to Money 2.0 – we’ll map it out together and create a new place for you to clear your own money stuff and help your clients work through theirs.

To experience these transformations in person (and be able to embody them permanently) – you’ll want to join me at Money 2.0, my signature 3-Day event. You’ll also discover my full system on money, marketing and how to finally be able to make choices based on your desires and not your bank account. It’s happening April 16-18th and we’re filling up fast.

For more information, check it out here.

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