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Ricky Blunt submitted this question — he wants to call folks via a telemarketing firm because he believes the phone is one of the best ways to establish rapport but he’s also heard if you call people (versus having them call you) it doesn’t work as well.

Ask PW Thumbnail.jpgAsk-PW-2 Well Ricky — first off, thanks for sending me a question about calling people. I rarely get questions about offline tactics, like cold calling, so this is fabulous.

And yes, you’re absolutely right — getting folks on the phone IS a great way to connect with people. And, in fact, if you need clients and cash flow RIGHT NOW, there is no better way to see that happen than by picking up the phone.

That said, cold calling is a whole different animal. It’s not easy to get strangers to stay on the phone and talk to you and you have to prepared for a lot of people to hang up on you.

I personally believe it’s better if you can combine a phone call with a larger direct response campaign. For instance, start with an email or a postcard with some sort of offer. Maybe you combine with some content as well.

And then when you call, you have a reason to call. You can ask them if they got the email/postcard, if they’re interested in the offer, if they have questions, etc.

Then you can send a second email asking if they got your voice mail (assuming you left a voice mail because you didn’t get them in person) if they have questions, and reminding them of any deadlines.

Then you can even call again, making sure they’re getting everything.

See how that works?

And if this is a warm list, where you have some sort of relationship with, make sure you remind them of that relationship right up front in the email or postcard and when you call them.

So what are your thoughts about calling folks? Have you ever done it in your biz? How did it work out for you if you did? Please share below in the comment section. Or if you have a question about marketing, business or writing copy, feel free to put in the comment section and I’ll answer those in a future Ask PW column.

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One comment on “What’s the Best Way to Use Cold Calling? – Ask PW
  1. Terri Z says:

    Michele – what do you think of the idea of using content marketing in that direct marketing? So, sending them a white paper, report, newsletter, something of value, *before* sending them something with an offer? As a warmup to the warmup, so to speak 🙂

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