Will Your Information Product Really Sell?

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When I’m coaching clients on how to make information products I often hear, “You know, creating info products sounds great but I’m not sure it will work for me.” Or, “Others are already an expert on this topic, so why would anyone buy from me?”

If you’ve found yourself thinking these same thoughts then let me reassure you, nothing could be farther from the truth.

Creating information products is still the most powerful way to position yourself as an expert, build passive revenue and open up a world of new opportunities for you both professionally and personally.

But you’ll miss out on all of that if you make certain assumptions about what people will — or will not — purchase from you.

Here are the two most common assumptions I hear clients make that couldn’t be more wrong, and what the truth REALLY is.

True Or False? People Won’t Buy The Same Information More Than Once

Have you ever noticed that when you have an interest in something you buy books, magazines and CDs, attend workshops and special interest groups, plus love to connect with others who share the same interest or need?

People LOVE to buy the same information in multiple formats. And, what’s more, we often buy the same information from multiple experts. Once we’re hungry to learn more about a topic, it’s as if we can’t get enough of it.

Plus, people learn in different ways. Some folks are visual learners, while others are more “hands on” or perhaps need to hear the information to learn it.

So offering digital downloadable PDFs, online MP3 audio files, shippable workbooks and CDs, as well as live teleseminars and live workshops, all on the same topic is not only smart information product marketing, it’s also being of invaluable service to your audience.

Besides, by offering the same content in multiple formats you’re also tapping into our desire to know more and to be more connected to you. For example, people who buy your CDs will want to attend a live teleseminar or workshop. Why? Because they liked what they heard and want more.

True Or False? People Won’t Buy The Same Information From Multiple Experts

Hmmm…so let me ask you, how many books or info products do you own just on the topic of marketing? More than one, right?

Your clients are just like you — they want great information, presented in a unique and compelling way, on a topic they want to learn more about. By publishing your own info product, you automatically help fulfill their need to learn more, and establish yourself as one of the experts, all at the same time.

Just be sure that your approach, style or content is unique. Else you risk either becoming a commodity (and being devalued or judged solely on price) or getting lost in the crowd.

Listen, Being In Business For Yourself Means You’re Working On Your Mindset As Much As You Are Your Marketing!

I’ve built a 7-figure business by learning how to ignore assumptions that would limit my success, and instead only pay attention to the positive thoughts that feel expansive, limitless and full of possibility. Each one of these positive thoughts serves as a stepping stone, showing me the clear path between where I am now, and where I want to be.

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2 comments on “Will Your Information Product Really Sell?
  1. Thanks! When I read posts like this, it lets me know that I’m on the right track – I recently wrote an article regarding the same (My Big Fat Dumb Costly Business Mistake, Part 1). Information products are a must and will definitely lead to a 7-figure business like the one you’ve created. Keep the valuable info coming!

  2. Linda Dessau says:

    […] I’ve heard a lot of reasons (excuses) why people don’t write, give away and sell information products. I’ve used more than a few of them myself… […]

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