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Despite having come down with pneumonia this past holiday (go figure!), I am full of readiness for the new year just around the corner! This is the perfect time to press reset on key areas of your life and business so that you can begin the year with energy…and create the results you want. Would you like me to share one of the best-practices I use to get the year started powerfully?

Every year I choose a personal theme to pull me forward. This works because without it, you’re likely to fall back on old conditioning or old ways of looking at situations that keep you stuck exactly where you are now.

My theme for 2014 is simple: “to act as if”. I used this theme in the early days of my business, when I was determined to leap ahead exponentially, and had no idea how to accomplish that goal. Within 2 years I had gone from just at 6-figures to breaking into 7-figures. I’m using it again for 2014 because it’s time for me to make another significant leap forward in income, reach and impact. :-))

Here’s how this will work for you: If your goal is to create a 6-figure business (which, for many important reasons, I highly recommend be every woman entrepreneur’s initial income goal!) then it’s time to start acting as-if you already are that level. For example, how many clients do you have at that level? How many VIP days do you deliver every quarter? What 1-2 activities do you do consistently that generate you new leads every month?

You may not know the answers to these questions in this moment but do not let that stop you! Avoiding the questions doesn’t empower you – it takes you out of the game and trust me, you want and need to stay IN the game of entrepreneurship because the financial and personal growth rewards are priceless!

You’re welcome to use my “act as if” theme for 2014. Apply it to every aspect of your business…and your life…and you’ll find yourself automatically feeling confident, making empowered decisions and making more money.

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