Don’t Do This if You Want People to Read Your Blog

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You begin by doing a ton of research. You find a great topic. You spend all that time writing, and it doesn’t come easy.

Then no one reads your blog.

And the following week, it starts all over again. It’s incredibly frustrating.

Everyone swears that if you blog frequently and write about interesting subjects, it will build up your business.

Well, here are a few things you want to make sure you’re NOT DOING if you want people to actually read your blog.

  • Don’t get all theoretical
  • Don’t start preaching
  • Don’t tell them how successful and perfect you are
  • Don’t forget to show them the real you
  • Don’t forget to tell a story

Sounds simple, right? Well, it is. I’m always amazed how people get so into the stuff they’re writing about that they forget to tell their reader why. Why is it so important? What difference has it actually made to you? Why does it matter and what can they learn from it that’s REAL?

So, tell a story. The story of you in relation to the stuff you’re writing about. Tell a story with a good structure, some interesting characters (you can be one of them!) and make sure there’s some kind of conflict.

No-one would have cared about Romeo and Juliet if their families took vacations together. No-one would have been interested in Snow White if her step mother hadn’t been jealous of her. So give your story a plot, some conflict and a clear resolution. It will make all the difference!

Can I tell you a story?

There was once a man who wanted to find the truth. He travelled the world, from country to country, town to town, village to village. Nobody knew where the truth lived. Some had great theories, but the man was not successful and he kept searching.

One day, in a small village far away, the people told him that they had heard that the truth lived at the top of the mountain, just nearby. He walked for several more days until he arrived at a small house on the mountain top. He knocked on the door. An old, old woman answered. She had long grey hair, many wrinkles on her face but bright, shining eyes. He knew he had arrived. He said, “I am looking for the truth.” And she replied,” I am the truth.” The man stayed with her for a long time. He learned everything there is to know about the truth and after several years, he decided it was time to return to the world. Just before he left, he asked the old woman,” Is there anything you would like to world to know about the truth? Any message you would like me to
deliver?” She thought for a moment and then said, “when they ask you what is the truth like? Tell them I’m young and beautiful.”

I’ve wondered about this story for years. It makes me smile and just when I think I know what it means, another question pops up.

What I do know that I’ve always felt very connected to the concept of truth. And I know that I have been blessed by many wise women in my life who have told me truths.

What do you think it means?

Lisa Bloom, founder of Story Coach Inc. helps entrepreneurs and business owners beat overwhelm, stress and discomfort with marketing to find confidence, attract ideal clients and make more money by finding their success story.  You can download Lisa's ebook "Using Stories to Get Great Clients" at

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3 comments on “Don’t Do This if You Want People to Read Your Blog
  1. I love that story!… It had me engaged from the first sentence!… I’m making a copy of it to share with others… Thanks!… Love, Aurelio.

  2. BTW… who is the author of this story?… Thx!

  3. Sue @ Kid Lit Reviews says:

    I like your post. I have never heard this story before but off the cuff I have an idea of what it might mean.

    This man searches high and low for a very long time but cannot find truth. When he does, and after learning bundles of truth, he takes his leave. He asks if she has a message for the world and this woman of truth tells a lie.

    First, I think it says everyone, even Truth, tells little white lies. I do not think truth could ever be the only option because feelings would be hurt without some of those little lies we all say.

    Do you like my new hair style? No, it’s terrible on you.
    Do you like my new hair style? Yes, it looks nice.

    Which would you rather hear and which will keep peace? The lie does not hurt anyone, keeps someone from bad feelings toward herself and the person who was truthful.
    Nothing gained, lots to lose.

    Or maybe it says that when it comes to our vanity, we lie to keep balance between what we are and what we think we are.

    But I like the first possibility better. That is because the first is more in line with my own universe (or what I think I am). 🙂

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