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What do you do with that list of keywords after you’ve taken the time to brainstorm? You could potentially be holding on to a gold mine of profitable words, but you won’t know that unless you analyze their potential with keyword tools.

You don’t have to go out to your nearest computer store and purchase any software. Most of what you need is available on the Internet for free or a small fee. If they offer a free trial, use it. At least you will learn how the process works and if that particular software works for you.

Here are a few software tools for finding appropriate keywords for your website. All of these are free tools but some offer more features for a paid subscription.

  1. Google Keyword Tool ( – This is one of the most robust tools for finding keyword information. And Google is the king of keywords and search engine optimization, yes? You can even use this tool to scan someone else’s page and see what keywords and phrases they are using. Great for checking out what your competition is up to. (To do this you’ll need to select “Keyword Tool Tips” from the Google Keyword Tool page as this is an advanced feature.)
  2. Wordtracker ( – There is no way that you could possibly think of all the different combinations of words that are used to find results in your niche. That is where software like Wordtracker comes in handy. Using the list of possible keywords you have compiled, choose a keyword to enter into the program. The software will return all possible combinations (according to your search parameters) and the number of searches for each. You may even notice a few that you haven’t thought of before. You can even compare results by search engine.
  3. Wordstream ( – If you want to let the software pick the keywords for you, here are a few tools that you can use. Wordstream returns keyword suggestions that work well for content and pay-per-click ads. You can also manage your keywords. You will be able to pick form the best words and phrases for your niche.
  4. Overture ( – This keyword tool is brought to you by Yahoo. It is now called Yahoo! Search Marketing. Using this search engine, the tool returns results for a variety of keywords and how many searches are done for them. You can choose to keep or discard the ones that have too many search results and opt to exploit the keywords that have not been overdone.
  5. Keyword Discovery ( – This tool will return the best keyword results from one keyword that you enter. It pulls information from over 100 search engines to compile a focused list.

It all starts with keywords. If you pick the right ones, you can definitely create strong blog posts and pages that will drive you up in the search engine rankings – making you even more visible to potential clients and customers.  Using these tools can help you find the right keywords and narrow your search even further than the list you came up with. Which ones will be winners? You’ll have to test them and see.

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Nina East is usually described as being ahead of her time, and not at all what you would expect. She has had multiple careers and businesses - often described as a serial entrepreneur or serial expert. In addition to running two online companies, Nina has been a leadership and personal development trainer, a published author, the director of student development at a liberal arts university, a manager of a traditional retail store, the lead certifier for the International Association of Coaching, the senior trainer at the world's largest coach training program, a motorcycle safety instructor, and a firewalk instructor!

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