The Writing Life — The Pain Of Getting Started

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Michele Pariza Wacek (Michele PW) - Love-Based Biz Strategist and Copywriter

I got a great start on my brand new Kindle book, which made me very happy.

AND… (There’s always an AND or a BUT, isn’t there?) It also reminded me how difficult it is for me to start a new writing project.

Here’s what happens with me –

* The idea explodes in my head like a beautiful, bright star, full of hope and promise and excitement. A lot of times it feels like a bolt of lighting or a shooting star just hit me with all it’s sweet deliciousness.

* There’s a juicy incubation period where I play with that beautiful, bright idea — tossing it around, seeing if it wants to play with any other ideas, watching it to see where it wants to go. Anticipation for when I’ll actually start working on it glows inside me.

* The time arrives! I know I’ll start tomorrow and I can hardly wait. I can practically taste the sweetness of digging into this luscious idea — this is going to be soooo amazing

* Tomorrow comes and I get ready — light the right candle, find the perfect music, decide on the right beverage. I fire up the computer, open up Word, get a fresh document prepared and begin typing.

* THUD. Everything is crap. This isn’t at all what I pictured. It’s choppy and uneven and it’s not flowing and I hate it.

Now, part of what’s going on is unrealistic expectations — by this point I’ve built up the idea so much in my head that nothing I do can possibly equal to the reality of birthing this idea. But another big part is me getting into the flow.

I actually get into the writing flow pretty easily, except when I’m first starting a project. After I’ve started a project, I can sit down and in a few minutes lose myself (probably because my muse keeps working on it even when I’m not) but first getting started is like agony. I feel like I’m trying to turn over a cold engine and it’s just revving and revving and nothing is happening.

Now I know this, so typically what I do is force myself to write for awhile, even if it’s crap, even if it’s painful and uncomfortable and feels like pulling teeth. Because I know once I actually get some momentum it will all come together (and I can always edit the beginning later — which sometimes I have to repeat to myself like a mantra).

So I’m curious — do you have trouble starting too? What do you do to get through it? Love to hear any tips you have — just leave a comment below.

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