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Are you ready to reach more solo entrepreneurs, but stuck in a frustrating cycle: keeping up with the ever-changing social media and other marketing techniques; trying to get more people to open your newsletter, read your articles and watch your videos; struggling to grow your list and scrambling to fill your classes?
Explore our Premium Visibility and Brand Recognition Network: The savviest (and easiest) way to amplify your reach, enhance your credibility, and grow your list of prospects

With the Solo‑E Certified Solo Entrepreneur Expert Network you can:

  • Save time by leveraging content you are already creating
  • Amplify your reach into the solo entrepreneurs market by delivering your expertise to more targeted prospects
  • Increase your profit potential by collaborating with like-minded professionals you can trust
  • Free yourself up to do more of what you do best: serve your clients!

From the Desk of Terri Zwierzynski, the Solo-CEO
November 15, 2014

Dear Solo Entrepreneur Expert,

Solo‑E Certified Entrepreneur Expert

You have a website, you are an established expert in your field, and you are constantly creating new, high quality content – but what used to be tried-and-true marketing techniques to grow your list with ideal prospects are no longer working as well. Marketing technology, systems and channels are changing so fast you can’t keep up. Collaboration partners come and go. Launches aren’t delivering the same results as before. It seems like you’re forced to pour time and resources into keeping up with the newest marketing tactics and strategies – class after class, event after event, and article after article – but you still scramble to get visibility, build your list and find and convert new prospects.

What’s worse is that because you struggle to build your list, you struggle to help the people who need your help most. You’re passionate about helping others, but you get so bogged down in reaching them that your efforts fall flat.

It doesn’t have to be that way!

Pool your marketing efforts and resources with an exclusive network of fellow Solo‑E Certified Experts: get wider visibility and brand recognition, reach more prospects, and grow your business and your profits. Let us help you leverage the marketing activities you are already doing – through cutting-edge continuous, cooperative, and collaborative marketing!

Michele Scism

Michele Scism
The Results Lady
Solo‑E Certified Expert since 2010

“Thank you Solo‑E! As a Solo‑E expert, I am so excited about all the results we are seeing. I can track 30% of my list growth to Solo‑E promotions. For about $200 a month they promote my products, teleseminars, blog posts and other content to their large and very segmented audience. From a budget stand point, it would be hard for me to hire a VA to do that much for me at that price and they wouldn’t have access to the audience that Solo‑E has. As a business coach I know that the biggest problem that entrepreneurs face is their lack of visibility. If you are ready to get your name out, you need to check out Solo‑E.”

Betsy Baker

Betsy J. Baker
Monetize Your Expertise Master Trainer
Solo‑E Certified Expert since 2013

“Out of all the unique visitors to my site in May, 50% of those opted in to my list! I have no doubt this has something to do with Solo‑E”

Tracey Lawton

Tracey Lawton
Online Business Development, Online Marketing and Business
Development Strategist
Solo‑E Certified Expert since 2008

“As a business owner, being a part of Solo‑E creates more visibility for your business, and grows that visibility faster than you could do on your own. Being a Solo‑E Certified Expert also gives you recognition as an bona fide “expert”, and places your articles and expertise out there alongside industry leaders.”

Nancy Marmolejo

Nancy Marmolejo
Online Visibility Expert for Heart Based Entrepreneurs
Solo‑E Certified Expert since 2007

“Being a Solo‑E Certified Solo Entrepreneur Expert is like having 10 more team members to market my business.”

If you are passionate about the Solo Entrepreneur Lifestyle and:
  • Dedicated to teaching and helping others enjoy the unique benefits of solo entrepreneurship – those who are ready and willing to invest time and money in themselves to accelerate their success
  • Ready to find more ideal prospective clients who are already looking for your services, training and products, but have trouble finding you among the “small business” and “get rich quick” noise
  • Already have a successful business and online presence, and are primed to position yourself as an established Expert on a high-quality, highly-targed website with like-minded (and equally respected) peers
  • A believer in continuous marketing through consistent creation of new content, and confident that what you give away will attract prospects to you who are willing to invest in your programs
  • Eager to engage authentically with more prospects, and have website and social media systems in place to enable conversation
  • Seeking partners with whom you can practice collaborative marketing, pool your knowledge and resources, leverage marketing activities you are already doing, and grow everyone’s businesses
  • See the value of not going it alone, and committed to investing in cooperative marketing as part of a larger network of practitioners with a common audience
  • Willing to invest your time and resources in a highly selective, interactive program, and create a stream of new clients more easily and effectively!

Then you’re in the right place.

Welcome to Solo‑, where you’re invited to become a Solo‑E Certified Solo Entrepreneur Expert (Apply here).

Before I tell you more about what that means – and how we can help each other, let me tell you a little more about myself:

I’m Terri Zwierzynski (Terri Z), Solo-CEO of Solo‑ – and a solo entrepreneur myself. Laid off after the dot-com crash of 2001, I decided to strike out on my own. But it was hard, because good online resources for solo entrepreneurs simply didn’t exist back then. So in 2003 I got involved in a project that turned into Solo‑, a place where solo entrepreneurs like me could get information they can trust.

So, I know this market – because I am this market.

The marketplace of solo entrepreneurs is extremely diverse: crossing age groups, a multitude of professions, and worldwide locales in urban, suburban and rural areas. These business owners can be motivated by a variety of lifestyle needs, and often seek contrasting goals (money vs. time, for instance). However, there are common unifying characteristics that band us together – our desire to have a business that supports and meshes with our desired lifestyle. At Solo‑E, we have identified effective ways to reach and build relationships with this divergent market – continuously, collaboratively and cooperatively – and we continue to explore and refine our approach to that market.

Solo‑E Visitor Profile

Quantitative Data (via Quantcast)

  • 60% female, 40% male
  • 65% are between the ages of 25-54
  • 40% have children
  • 25% have income over US$100K
  • 70% graduated from college

Qualitative Analysis

  • Entrepreneurs visit Solo‑E, sign up for our newsletter or follow us on social media. At this point, they are looking primarily for free information
  • Typical prospect path: views free information of Expert multiple times; clicks through to Expert’s website and signs up for newsletter; converts to customer/client. Evidence suggests that they may have a longer conversion cycle than the typical direct visitor to a particular website
  • Example: evidence shows a coregistration subscriber may take over 12 months to convert to a buyer
  • Conclusion: The best strategy to capture these prospects is continuous visibility through consistent creation and posting of free content over a long period of time.

This Market Knows – and Trusts – Solo‑

Solo‑ has earned the credibility to speak directly to this market by consistently providing only high-quality information and resources since 2003. Being solo business owners ourselves, we know the unique challenges — and the possibilities — of our target market. We are passionate about the solo entrepreneur lifestyle and supporting the success of the growing solo entrepreneur market — it’s what we at Solo‑ do best!

  • We are a highly sought-after joint venture partner. We only accept opportunities that fit our niche and that provide significant benefit to Solo‑E, either in increased traffic or adding to our subscriber list. Where a JV may not make sense for Solo‑E, we offer appropriate opportunities to our Certified Experts.
  • We maintain a significant presence on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook, both for the site (Solo‑E) and for me, Terri Z (The Solo CEO), as the face of Solo‑ Our posts are retweeted often and reach a major solo entrepreneur audience of over 45K.

  • Solo‑E Certified Experts get additional media coverage. Reporters and bloggers, including the New York Times Small Business Blog, consistently turn to Solo‑E experts to comment on a variety of topics important to solo and small business owners.

    New York Times

  • Solo‑E is a large, and growing, website, with nearly 15,000 Google search results for our domain actively bringing in traffic. Our site is spidered daily by the major search engine bots.

Solo‑ is uniquely qualified to provide you these benefits – we’re the largest multi-expert website JUST for Solo Entrepreneurs.


Wendy Weiss
The Queen of Cold Calling™
Solo‑E Certified Expert since 2006

“The Solo-E Coregistration program has been a big boost to my business. Over the last 6-1/2 years, I have added literally thousands of new subscribers to my list. I love that I am promoting and being promoted by trusted colleagues. And working with Terri and her team makes it so easy. I highly recommend Solo-E!”>

Tracey Lawton

Tracey Lawton
Online Business Development, Online Marketing and Business
Development Strategist
Solo‑E Certified Expert since 2008

“I was thrilled this week when a Google Alert showed me that one of my articles had been mentioned online, and not just any website either, but The New York Times. And it was all thanks to being a Solo‑E expert. Being a part of this wonderful community means that my articles, blog posts, teleleclasses, workshops, and products are reaching so many more people than I could ever do on my own. It’s like having my own personal marketing team on hand!”


Cindy Schulson
The Niche Attraction Coach
Solo‑E Certified Expert since 2013

“A big thanks to the team at Solo‑ for sharing my content with solo entrepreneurs! You do such a great job of sharing valuable content and helping your members broaden their reach and increase their visibility. The customer service is exceptional and I can really tell that Terri and the whole team are committed to all the members’ success.”

Zahra Efan

Zahra Efan
Abundance Business Coach for Women
Solo‑E Certified Expert since 2008

“Anyone wanting to build their business on-line, wanting to create visibility and reach clients world wide, Solo‑E is a great resource. They attract high quality clients for their experts, and consistenty publish great content and teleclasses to showcase their experts. They give exceptional customer service and are always looking for ways to get better and find more creative ways to promote their experts. I highly recommend them.”

As a Solo‑E Certified Entrepreneur Expert you:

  • Increase Your Visibility and Credibility. Potential ideal clients can find you more easily on a site that specializes in solo entrepreneurs! The more you create content, and take advantage of opportunities at Solo‑E to share your expertise, the more visible you become. Our stellar reputation for promoting only high-quality articles, classes and products gives you a step up in creating a trust relationship with your target market.
  • Grow your prospect list. Solo‑E offers a proprietary list-building system: a unique direct method of adding valuable, highly-targeted prospects to your list. You grow your list through the power of collaboration with other experts!Read more about how our list-building system works
  • Increase your income AND save time. Enjoy increased traffic to your site without costly SEO or advertising expenses. Leverage your existing multiple streams of income by showcasing your entire product funnel. Share income growth tips and create strategic joint ventures with fellow high-reputation Solo‑E Certified Entrepreneur Experts. Decrease your costs and non-productive time by taking advantage of other tools and services (social media pooling, low-cost administrative support!) and you have the recipe for ensuring the sustainability of your independent lifestyle.
Alicia Forest

Alicia M. Forest, MBA
6-Figure Business Breakthrough Mentor
Solo‑E Certified Expert since 2006

“Becoming a Certified Expert with Solo‑E has been one of the best investments I’ve made in my business. Not only have I added thousands of new subscribers to my list, but I’ve collaborated with several of the other experts on projects that have been hugely beneficial to each of us as well as our audiences. And Terri and her team’s customer care can’t be matched! I recommend becoming a Certified Expert to all my private clients.”

Meredith Eisenberg

Meredith Eisenberg
Marketing Technology Magician
Solo‑E Certified Expert since 2013
“I just joined Solo‑E and have been very impressed with how hard Terri Zwierzynski works at finding new ways to get her experts exposure.”

Lou Bortone

Lou Bortone
Online Branding Specialist, Video Pro & Visibility Expert
Solo‑E Certified Expert since 2007
“Just a quick note of thanks for helping me get set up for Solo‑E’s Co-Registration program. Since adding my “Online Marketing Goodies” E-Zine to your site last month, my opt-in list has grown significantly! This program has been a great source for list building, and is especially helpful to someone like me who is in the relatively early stages of developing an online business.”


Bonita Richter
Entrepreneurial and Marketing Coach
Solo‑E Certified Expert since 2008

“I wanted to let you know how lucky I feel to be part of the Solo‑E community. Every time you highlight an article or template I created, I get a flood of new subscribers for my ezine, ProfitZine. Since I joined in March 2008, my subscriber list has grown over 500%. Each time I get a spike of leads, it is always because of Solo‑E! Thanks for you and your team’s great work and support (Kimberly is awesome!) Solo‑E has done more to grow my business online than any other online activity I do. Thanks!”

How does it work?

  • Apply to become Certified. The application is detailed – we are very discriminating in who we certify as an Expert, to ensure a consistently high-quality experience for our audience.
  • Our panel will review your application. You’ll get a response from us within two weeks, often sooner.
  • Once certified, you can begin submitting content – articles, classes, products, etc. for approval. We review each piece of content to ensure it meets our standards.
  • Take advantage of our additional features, like coregistration, and other opportunities for collaborative and cooperative marketing.
  • Enjoy your new stream of prospective clients!

Rest assured that we certify only the most qualified Experts on Solo‑, so when you become certified you will be in good company.

Laura West

Laura West
Certified coach, writer, speaker
Solo‑E Certified Expert since 2007

“Just a quick note that I just got off from leading one of my monthly Joyful Business Success Strategy Teleclasses and it was another packed house this month! We had over 50 people register – a good number of those came from Solo‑E.. I’m noticing each month the majority of our audience are coming from your site vs. other listing sites. Way to go Solo‑E!”

Liz Uram

Liz Uram
Certified Professional Coach, The Coach & Mentor Group
Solo‑E Certified Expert since 2012

“Terri, just a quick note to let you know how much I appreciate you and the Solo‑ team. I love seeing my name out there on the web and appreciate the Tweets and ReTweets that I see as well as the mentions in your SoloSecrets email. Thank you!”

Hazel Palache

Hazel Palache
Certified Business Coach
Solo‑E Certified Expert Since 2007

“I think Solo‑E and all you offer is quite remarkable and a huge benefit to all entrepreneurs. Becoming a Solo‑E Certified Entrepreneur Expert is one of the best things I’ve done for my business. My database of ezine subscribers has easily tripled since I started the coregistration program — meaning I’ve added several thousand subscribers. And, it’s a pleasure working with Terri and her team. Thank you.”

Solo‑E Certified Entrepreneur Expert Qualifications

To be certified as a Solo‑E Solo Entrepreneur Expert, you must:

  • Be an online Solo Entrepreneur for at least two years in your current field.
  • Provide proven, professional-quality training, products and services tailored specifically to support the lifestyle goals of online solo entrepreneurs.
  • Operate from a law-of-attraction/abundance philosophy, aligned with Solo‑E business principles.
  • Solo Entrepreneurs must make up at least 50% of your target market.
  • Submit a complete application, including a resume/bio, specific examples of services, classes and/or products in your area of expertise that you plan to offer, plus two letters of recommendation or testimonials for you and what you do (one from a colleague with whom you have partnered with on a project or other collaborative effort, and one from a client. Testimonials will suffice for the latter.)
  • Submit proof of your training as a Webinar/Teleclass Leader or equivalent experience, and either an audio or video recording of a recent webinar or teleclass or the link to an upcoming class we can review.
  • Agree to the Solo‑ Terms and Conditions for Experts

Once you are certified as a Solo‑E Expert

Being certified as a Solo‑E Expert means we have validated your expertise, and are ready to begin reviewing the content you would like to post. We then review EACH item before accepting and publishing the listing.

  • You must submit complete information for each article, class, product, etc. that you wish to have listed. This includes a short summary, full descriptions of the classes, times, dates, cost, etc. We will provide you with specific editorial constraints such as links within articles, etc.
  • Once you have submitted your article, class or product listing information, we review each item for suitability for Solo‑E subscribers and visitors. We may ask for samples of audio, video, workbook chapters, etc. Once approved, we’ll get your item on our site as quickly as possible.

Online Payments

The total number of Certified Entrepreneur Experts will ultimately be limited, so we can ensure individual attention to each Expert. Apply now, as applications will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

Kendall Summerhawk

Kendall SummerHawk
Author, Speaker, Professional Certified Coach Million Dollar Marketing Coach
Solo‑E Certified Expert since 2006

“I am SOOOO happy being a Solo‑E Expert! Every day I am adding more and more subscribers to my newsletter list, thanks directly to Solo‑E! Plus, the incredible support and caring of the Solo‑E team is truly remarkable. I feel like I am part of a community. Everything you do is full of integrity and service. Thank you for your outstanding service, heart and the results you’ve produced for me in my business!”

Jessica Swanson

Jessica Swanson
Founder and Owner of Shoestring Marketing
Solo‑E Certified Expert Since 2009

“I absolutely LOVE Solo‑E. The customer service that comes through your program is absolutely phenomenal! It’s just so refreshing to have a company that cares about broken links and the small details. You just don’t find that too much anymore 🙂 Solo‑E has gone above and beyond and I so appreciate the personal attention.”

Cheryl Vallejos

Cheryl Vallejos
Professional Business Coach and Consultant
Certified Law of Attraction Practitioner
Solo‑E Certified Expert Since 2006

“I’d like to say a big “Thank you” to you and your team for doing such a great job there at Solo‑E. I’ve noticed a huge difference in the traffic on my web-site since we’ve partnered; last month I had record traffic as you can see! I appreciate all you are doing and send lots of kudos your way. Thanks for putting the program and process together that allows all this to happen. The Solo‑E Team is wonderful and has been most helpful in every situation.”

Exciting Features of Solo‑E Certified Entrepreneur Expert Marketing Packages

We offer two different package levels to meet your needs:

Targeted Marketing BenefitsPrestige
Showcase YOUR Expertise on a High-Credibility, Search Engine-Optimized, High-Traffic website
Articles, Blog Posts, Audios, Videos, Ebooks, Templates, Infographics and more. We have categories for every type of content you can provide. Plus full author attribution and live links to your website.
Reach our Large List of Subscribers Looking for Just the Kind of Help You Provide
Your content will be highlighted in our highly-acclaimed SoloSecrets newsletter weekly. Plus inclusion in highly targeted Insiders' Tips newsletters on various topics -- our subscribers opt in to these additional newsletters, so they really want this info!
Fill Your Webinars, Teleclasses, Virtual Workshops, Programs and In-Person Events -- plus Sell Products
Live classes - webinars, teleclasses/teleseminars/telesummits, series classes, in-person events and on-demand webinars are published weekly highlighting classes available in the next two weeks. Other products are listed on the site and featured in Insider' Tips newsletters. All with direct links to your signup and sales page.
Add Highly Targeted Subscribers to Your Newsletter Mailing List through coregistration <– our most popular feature!
We send you prospects daily directly via our proprietary, dynamic double opt-in coregistration system. According to, co-registration is the second most successful Web 2.0 marketing method by growing businesses.
Social Media Exposure Benefits on Twitter, Facebook and more
All new articles, videos, audios, ebooks, products, templates and your Solo-E blog posts are broadcast to our sizable Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn audiences (over 45K friends, fans and followers). Plus, multiple mentions of your upcoming classes, and distribution of your custom tweets. We'll also broadcast your personal blog updates, newsletters and more.
Exclusive Solo-E Support Resources and ServicesPrestige
Access to high-quality potential Expert Partners
Find affiliate, joint venture and collaboration partners in our private Solo-E Expert Network Group on Facebook. Build relationships with other Experts and create cross-marketing opportunities (such as social media "circles"). The FB Network Group also serves as a place to share resources, put out requests for support services, and learn about the many requests Solo-E gets for Experts…that we pass on to you.
Your Own Personal Solo-E Virtual Assistant
We do all of the administrative work for you! We pull articles and classes from your newsletter and post them on the site for you. Makes the Marketing Suite truly hands-off.
How Do I Choose the Right Package For Me?
POPULAR Prestige Plus Marketing Package:A full-featured, throw-it-over-the-wall marketing solution for busy Experts that includes your own Personal Solo‑E Virtual Assistant! (Over half of Solo‑E Certified Experts choose this option! See testimonials for Prestige Plus)

Perfect if you:

  • want to take FULL advantage of all the features and benefits we have available
  • create content regularly, but don’t want the hassle of posting it all to Solo‑E yourself
  • don’t have a VA or the time to post everything yourself
  • want to get off to a fast start with Solo‑E — no learning curve
  • have a lot of existing articles, offer ongoing classes and have a full product funnel ranging from free products to customized high-value programs
Prestige Marketing Package:Complete access to all features at one price.

Great if you:

  • want all the features and benefits: visibility of your written, audio, and video material and classes
  • create content regularly and are willing to learn how to post your content yourself, or
  • have a VA with time on their hands (we offer comprehensive training materials and personalized assistance to get you or your VA up to speed)


What is the investment?
Value Package Pricing Prestige
Monthly Pricing Option (available upon request after an initial 3-month commitment)$247/mo.$177/mo.
Save 15% with our Quarterly Pricing Option $627/qtr.$447/qtr.
Solo‑E reserves the right to change the content or pricing of any package. Current clients will be notified of any changes in advance via email.

Targeted Marketing FeaturesPrestige
Publish Your Articles, Videos, Audios, Templates and Tools
Your items are published on the website with full author attribution and live links to your website. Search engine optimization gives your expertise increased visibility.
Be a Blog Author
Showcase your expertise in the blog. Includes a live your site at the end of every post.
Publish Your Live Classes and In-Person Events*

Classes <$50**
Classes $50-$200**
Classes >$200**

Your teleclasses, teleseminars, telesummits, webinars and in-person events are published on the website with full author attribution and links to your registration/purchase page. Plus, they appear in the weekly Webinar/Teleclass Newsletter at least 2 weeks before your class starts (earlier for in-person events).
Publish Your Recorded Classes, Videos, Live & Self-Paced Workshops, Books, Ebooks & Ecourses*

Products <$50**
Products $50-$200**
Products >$200**

Your products are published on the website with full author attribution and link to your purchase page.
Publish Your Programs*
Your programs (including fixed-length and ongoing programs such as a coaching gym, club, mastermind, success circle, etc.) are published on the website with full author attribution and link to your signup page. Includes free listing of monthly teleseminars, etc.
Social Media Exposure Benefits
All new articles, videos, audios, ebooks, products, templates and your Solo-E blog posts are broadcast to our sizable Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn audiences (over 45K friends, fans and followers). Plus, multiple mentions of your upcoming classes and live events! We'll also broadcast your personal blog updates, newsletters and more!
Add Highly Targeted Subscribers to Your Newsletter Mailing List through coregistration <-- our most popular feature!
We send you prospects daily directly via our dynamic double opt-in coregistration system. According to, co-registration was the second most-often mentioned successful Web 2.0 marketing method (access this presentation; see slide 8).

Special terms apply:

Your email list management system must capable of sending a confirmation email to subscribers received via coreg (most are) and receiving subscribers in one of the ways we can send them (and *allow* us to add subscribers that way.) We can currently support following systems:
  • 1ShoppingCart (and white-label versions of it)
  • Infusionsoft
  • Mailchimp
  • SendStudio/EmailMarketer
If your system is not on the list, contact us for options. 99% of the time we will be able to suggest an easy workaround!
Available for a small additional charge of $19/mo. with both Prestige and Prestige Plus Packages
* All material is reviewed before being approved for listing. Listings include placement on our search engine-optimized site; Live Classes are included in our weekly Webinar/Teleclass Update email. In addition, your articles, classes, and products may also be selected for inclusion in the weekly SoloSecrets or Insider Tips newsletters at our discretion. We send registrants to your preferred payment processing and registration services.
** For monthly- or installment-paid classes, determination of whether commission is applicable is based on total cost.
*** We sign up for your affiliate program. We accept whatever commission structure you have set up for your typical affiliates.
'Expert Community' Support Resources and ServicesPrestige
Prestige Experts Community - Private Facebook Group
  • Get up-to-date results of Solo-E marketing research - what's new, what's working, marketing resources and tools
  • Get notified of opportunities coming to Solo-E looking for Experts for telesummits and other JV opportunities
  • Build relationships with other Experts and create cross-marketing opportunities (such as social media "circles")
  • Find new affiliate, joint venture and collaboration partners
  • Find new affiliate, joint venture and collaboration partners
  • Share resources and put out requests for support services such as a good VA, social media specialist, web designer, etc.
  • General (and lively!) discussion with other Experts
  • Special offers from other Experts
Your Own Personal Solo-E Virtual Assistant
We do all of the administrative work for you! Monthly support includes+:
  • Up to 2 Articles & 2 Blog posts listed++
  • 1 Product listed (CD, DVD, downloadable audio/video, ecourse, ebook)++
  • Unlimited posting of Live Classes, Workshops, and Your Press Releases++
  • Monthly reminders -- we scan your site, blog and newsletter for items you could be posting at Solo-E. You won't miss a single opportunity!
+ This level of service is guaranteed as a minimum available to you each month. Additional articles, blog entries, etc. will be listed as our schedule permits. Posting is to Solo‑E site only.
++ Send us your raw material via email, or point us to a page on your site — we handle the rest, including formatting, writing a summary, etc.

How much have you spent submitting articles to article directories (with questionable results), guest-blogging (often a one-time gig), figuring out social media fads (only to have them change almost instantly) and participating in hastily-thrown-together telesummits (only to see a one-time boost of subscribers)?

Probably thousands of dollars, if you sat down and worked out your hourly rate and the number of hours you’re pouring into marketing, how much you paying your team monthly, plus the $$ you are spending hiring professionals to learn the latest marketing “system”.

How much is it worth to you to be widely seen as a credible Expert, save time by leveraging what you are already doing, see your list grow consistently, and be part of a collaborative network of cutting-edge peers? And help more solo entrepreneurs become successful?

Jessica Swanson

Jessica Swanson
Founder and Owner of Shoestring Marketing
Solo‑E Certified Expert Since 2009
“I am just thrilled with Solo‑E! Without question, it has brought me additional exposure and visibility to my small business. And visibility = more sales! I just love Solo‑E and have been extremely happy with the service.”

Ready to apply? CLICK HERE

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How is Solo-E different from other sites where I can post articles or classes?
A: The biggest difference between Solo‑E and “other” sites that promise to market you is the narrowness of our niche: Solo Entrepreneurs who are in it for the lifestyle; and our ability to reach it. We have enjoyed historical traffic growth around 25% per year and continue to work to reach more potential customers for you.

Q: You already have an Expert who specializes in <what I specialize in>. Can I still be an Expert?
A: Absolutely! We don’t believe in exclusivity — there are people out there who need to learn from you just the way you teach, and others who need to learn the way someone else teaches. There is plenty of room for different approaches, teaching styles, and so on.

Q: Can I list a class that I am also marketing myself and on other sites, or does it have to be exclusive to Solo‑E?
A: You can advertise your webinars, teleclasses, telesummits and in-person events anywhere else you want; in fact we encourage that. We don’t require or even recommend exclusivity to Solo‑E.

Q: Is there a place to list my products?
A: Yes! Ebooks, ecourses, downloadable audio, CDs, videos, DVDs, live and packaged workshops…we have a spot for them all.

Q: How many subscribers are on your mailing list?
A: 5000+. We get hundreds of new subscribers monthly and enjoy a historically low attrition rate. We practice email list hygiene (more about this practice) to improve the deliverability of our mailings and the responsiveness of our list. Our weekly newsletters generate a click-thru rate on the high end of typical industry average; our Insiders’ Tips newsletters have historically generated double industry average click-thru rate.

Q: But those other webinar/teleclass listing sites have a lot more people on their list…
A: True. Our subscribers are targeted — only solo entrepreneurs, who are looking specifically for solo business-related support. To quote Jimmy D. Brown in Success Secrets of Online Marketing Superstars, “I’d rather have 500 ‘eager beavers’ who can’t wait to read my mailing than 5,000 that won’t ever lay eyes on my e-mail messages”.

Q: What are you doing to grow your list and get more visitors and followers?
A: We now have a team we can call on to help us with SEO, keywords, website structure – and most importantly – we will be moving completely to WordPress in Fall 2014! We are invited frequently to participate in joint ventures, which are effective at adding subcribers. We are investing a lot of resources in social media, and it is proving to be a very effective part of our marketing mix, including semi-automated posting of classes, Experts’ blogs and all of your new content. We’ve made it very easy for visitors to share our classes and articles on their favorite social media sites. We have proprietary social media pooling efforts underway. And we are committed to maintaining a cutting-edge marketing strategy – no matter what the next “thing” is!

Q: How long will it take for me to see results?
A: It may take 3-6 months for consistent results to kick in. As you probably know, it takes 5-9 touches (up to 27 online by some estimates!) for a prospect to take action. Solo‑E is a long-term strategy. Solo‑E visitors and followers trust us; it may take a little time to get them to know, like and trust you enough to sign up for your newsletter or free class. If you are looking to get immediate signups to your next workshop, this isn’t the place. If you are ready to give us consistent, quality content over the long haul, connect with fellow Experts to take advantage of cross-marketing opportunities, and follow up with prospects effectively, you will see the results that our many long-term clients have experienced.

Q: How do I measure my ROI from my Solo-E investment?
A: Back when email marketing what our primary strategy to reach our audience, it was relatively easy to track where leads were coming from. With social media mixed in – it is much more difficult. Our strategy is to get you visibility in a number of different ways; a prospect may get to know you through our newsletter but then finally make the decision to sign up for your list or class once they get to know you on social media. The real answer: track your results before and after becoming an Expert. You’ll see the long-term ROI, even if you can’t quantify it precisely.
Questions About Coregistration

Q: I’ve heard a lot of bad things about co-registration. Isn’t that a fad? Will it get me in trouble with my email marketing provider?
A: You may have heard about pay-per-subscriber “co-registration” services — which may deliver you oodles of non-targeted signups, but cost a lot of money to get a quality subscriber. There are also tricks that some co-registration implementations use, like allowing single opt-in (very dangerous) and having boxes pre-checked. We don’t operate that way! No pre-checked boxes, and double opt-in is required. As for your email marketing provider, it’s up to you to make sure you are in compliance with their terms and conditions. If your provider won’t allow coregistration (as Aweber does not), we can suggest alternatives. Click here to read an article about co-registration.

Q: My mailing list software doesn’t support double opt-in. Can I still participate in the coreg program?
A: We are more than happy to explore creative options with you. Contact us and we can answer any technical questions before you apply.

Q: So, with the coreg program, I’m recommending your newsletter and you recommend mine. Is that right?
A: It’s even better than that…in addition to exposure via Solo‑E, everyone who participates recommends the newsletters of all other participants. This can mean tremendous growth for your list.

So NOW are you ready?
Yes, Terri! I’d LOVE to fill out my application!

Alicia Smith

Alicia Smith
Mental Health Advocate and Speaker
Solo‑E Certified Expert Since 2006

“Prestige Plus — what a deal! People who know me are well aware of my thrifty persona.  I like a deal! I also like help, particularly where details are concerned.  And I like to promote value when I experience it! Well, Terri and her trusty Solo‑E team have created an opportunity I couldn’t pass up…Prestige Plus. This program has really motivated me. Now that I know the efforts that I put into a final edit on an article or an eProduct can be handed off to someone else, I’ve got an interest in making more available.   Items I mentioned in passing miraculously appear on the Solo‑E site!  Normally, I have to look for, interview, hire and do some training to have a VA be able to support me.  Not with Prestige Plus.  Kimberly knows it all, and is FAST!   When I looked at the cost for this service I wasn’t sure that I had understood the offer; it really did seem too good to be true.  So, I wrote and verified that I wasn’t misunderstanding the offer. Of course, as always, they were very clear in their communications with us. Everything they offered has been delivered and then some! So, if you’ve been thinking about increasing your internet exposure, building your email list and positioning yourself as an expert now is an excellent time.”

Michele PW

Michele Pariza Wacek (MichelePW)
$Ka-Ching!$ Marketing Strategist
Solo‑E Certified Expert since 2007

“I too signed up for Prestige Plus, and here’s why. I do have a VA who helps me with my marketing, but the problem is she’s so busy with so many other tasks that getting all my articles, classes, etc. on Solo E has been challenge. Plus, my VA isn’t as familiar with Solo‑E — so using someone who already knows this is much more efficient. I look at it this way, either way I’m paying someone to fully promote me on Solo‑E. Why not hire someone who is already familiar with Solo‑E so I can get the most out of my membership, who can do it faster and more efficiently, so I can free up my other VA so she can do other tasks for me?”

Alicia Forest

Alicia M. Forest
Multiple Streams Queen & Coach™
Solo‑E Certified Expert since 2006

“Let me jump on the bandwagon here. I was definitely not utilizing my Solo‑E benefits, not by a long shot. Just looking at the number of subscribers to my list from being an Expert kept telling me I really needed to take advantage of everything I was paying for with Solo‑E, but I never could find the time to dedicate to it, nor to train my VA on it. And then Prestige Plus arrive and with it Kimberly – and oh my! Kimberly took all my offerings and articles and got them up and running at Solo‑E immediately. But not only that, by doing so, she made me clean up my offerings and update my blog (which my products are offered), which I’d been meaning and wanting and needing to do for months. With Kimberly’s assistance, I had it done in about 20 minutes! Before I signed up, I also asked for clarification of the benefits I’d get from upgrading to PP, because it almost seemed too easy. And it is! I’ve been a Gold member for a long time now, and that’s been a great investment. Upgrading to PP has already been worth 10 times more than that.”

Kendall Summerhawk

Kendall Summerhawk
Author, Speaker, Professional Certified Coach Million Dollar Marketing Coach
Solo‑E Certified Expert since 2006

“Brilliant idea! Terri, you and your team continue to amaze me with all of the clever ways you create to support the growth of my business. Thank you for helping me effortlessly build my list!”

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Helen Graves

Helen Graves
Web Copywriting, Coaching and Consulting Seeds For Success!
Solo‑E Certified Expert since 2007

“Thank you Solo‑E! As a Solo‑E expert, I am so excited about all the results we are seeing. I can track 30% of my list growth to Solo‑E promotions. For about $200 a month they promote my products, teleseminars, blog posts and other content to their large and very segmented audience. From a budget stand point, it would be hard for me to hire a VA to do that much for me at that price and they wouldn’t have access to the audience that Solo‑E has. As a business coach I know that the biggest problem that entrepreneurs face is their lack of visibility. If you are ready to get your name out, you need to check out Solo‑E.”

“I have to compliment all of you at Solo‑E on how gracious and responsive you are. Thank you so much; the investment is well worth it.”

To YOUR Solo Success,
Terri Z

P.S. To ensure that all Experts receive individual attention, the number of Experts we can certify will ultimately be limited. So if you’re interested in combining the freedom of solo entrepreneurship with the power of collaboration, I urge you to apply right away! Fill out your application HERE

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