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Speaker, trainer, bestselling author and award-winning business coach Christine Gallagher founded in 2009, a company dedicated to teaching women around the globe how to find more meaning, fulfillment and purpose in their life through the power of entrepreneurship.

Christine believes that when entrepreneurs find the courage to share their gifts and their message in a much bigger way, they will not only attract raving fans, enroll more clients, and enjoy more income, they also become a force for positive change in the world.

After applying Christine’s proven marketing methods, which she teaches via her Impact Academy and live workshops, her students and attendees typically experience a significant increase in subscribers, clients, sales and lucrative joint venture opportunities. Most importantly, they find a renewed sense of purpose and passion, allowing them to step into their bigger vision, connect to their “why” in order to serve at the highest level, and make a lasting, true impact in the world through a business they love.

The Huffington Post declared Christine to be one of “16 Brilliant Business Minds on Twitter,” she’s won the Bronze Stevie Award for “Business Mentor/Coach of the Year” for 2014, and she’s an Amazon bestselling author.

She has launched and sold tens of thousands of dollars worth of products and programs online, and coached and trained hundreds of entrepreneurs from around the world, including France, Australia, New Zealand, England, and the Philippines. Christine holds her own highly successful live workshops that attract stellar entrepreneurs from all over the U.S., the UK, the Middle East and Canada.

Christine is also an in-demand speaker, sharing the stage with such luminaries as Daymond John and Laura Berman Fortgang, and has been featured as a online marketing and social media expert in numerous publications such as We Magazine For Women, NewsDay, BlogHer, The Huffington Post, Social Media Examiner, and many more. Additionally, she’s been interviewed on dozens of radio shows, telesummits, panels, and webinars.

Christine published her first solo book in 2014 called There’s More to Life Than This, and her newsletters, products, and online reach now educate and inspire over 40,000 people every month.

Visit to get simple, targeted actions you can take immediately to get your business (and bank account) growing right away by downloading your FREE guide "How to Create a Business That Consistently Pays You 10K or More, Each and Every Month" and to learn more about Christine, her products, programs and courses.

Blog Posts by Christine M. Gallagher

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Articles by Christine M. Gallagher

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How to Rock at Marketing
How to Partner With Big “Players” in Your Business
What It Means to Focus on Revenue-Generating Activities in Your Business
Stand Out from the Competition by Positioning Yourself Strongly
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