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Small business coach and marketing expert Janis Pettit is President of  SmarTrack, which she founded in 2001. She and her team are passionate about helping small and solo business owners tap into undiscovered profit centers in their business so they can move from self-employed to entrepreneur and reach their biggest business and life goals.

Through growth and marketing consulting, business coaching, business asset assessment, and online and multi media learning, she shares her many business building shortcuts, insights and secrets with impressive results.

Janis is co-author (with Terri Zwierzynski, owner of Solo-E) of 136 Ways to Market Your Small or Solo Business, and creator of three business growth programs— Rev-Up Tactics, Maximize Your Website Now and Maximize Your Profits Now.

In addition to owning four successful businesses over the last 19 years, Janis has worked with hundreds of small businesses owners worldwide, hosted her own cable TV business talk show in New York, and has motivated hundreds of professionals through public speaking and workshops. Her business articles have been published both locally and internationally.

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Finding a Niche That’s Ideal and Profitable
7 Powerful Free Business Marketing Ideas
The 7 Deadly Small Business Mistakes You Must Avoid
Guide To Buying Information Products
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What to Do When You Feel Like Giving Up on Your Small Business Dream
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Make More Money by Increasing Follow Through
7 Tips for Getting Glowing Testimonials that Will Increase Sales
Time Management Tips That Can Mean Dramatic Growth in Your Business
Social Networking Tips and Time Savers
5 Ways to Ramp up Your Sales This Year
How to Step Up to Your Dreams
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Create a Successful Business Plan in 30 Days
How to Leverage Your Work to Make More Money in Less Time
How to Create an In-Demand Information Product in 30 Days
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Transform Your Small Business Marketing
Skip Perfection and Go after the Easy Sales First
How to Learn Exactly What People Want to Buy
How Your Business Model Could Be Limiting Your Income and How to Change It
The 10 Profound Breakthroughs That Created My 6-Figure Business
9 Steps to Turn Your Website into a Sales Tool and Lead Generator
How to Build a 6-Figure Income from Your Small Business
How to Use Video to Increase Sales
How to Use Keyword Research to Search for Clients
Target Marketing Lesson from My Teenage Daughter
Increase Sales by Giving Them What They Want
10 Small Business Web Design Disasters to Avoid
5 Tips to Help You Maximize Your Small Business Profits
Mistakes That Can Flat Line Your Small Business Sales
The 6 Figure Business Building Model for Small Business
Marketing on a Shoestring: The Art of Bootstrapping
8 Tips to Help You Start a Successful Home-Based Business
How Your Thinking Can Hurt Your Small Business and Your Life
Five Ways You Could be Wasting Your Time
Small Business Start-Up Advice – Why Picking the Right Market Niche is So Important
Turn Your Ideas into a Profitable Small Business
Can the Law of Attraction Ideas in “The Secret” Really Help You Succeed?
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Keyword Research Will Get You Inside Your Customer’s Head
Just Say No and See Your Business Grow
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Use Social Network Marketing to Increase Traffic to Your Small Business Website
Find the Money to Finance Your Small Business
Outsourcing – How to Work Less and Make More
What You Need to Know Before You Spend Money on a Logo or Business Cards
What You Need to Do Before Spending a Penny on Marketing
Smart Mind Set for Success
The Entrepreneurial Mind Set
The Plain Truth About Sales
Make Your Website a Business Profit Center
How to Start up Your Small Business on a Small Budget
How to Pick a Profitable Niche for Your Small Business
How to Rope In Customers with Your Small Business Advertising
Why Some Small Businesses Fail or How to Get to Oz
Micro Entrepreneurs Need to Go Global
The Small Business Owners Path of Least Resistance
Facing the Fear Factor
Solo Entrepreneur Savvy: Reaching Key Big Business Decision Makers
Growing Your Solo Business Through Alliances and Joint Ventures
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