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Marty Marsh believes that your successful business is the catalyst for creating massive positive change in the world. To that end, he specializes in helping you, the entrepreneurial change-agent, to attract your perfect clients and to grow your business quickly and with ease so you have the resources to truly make a difference in the lives of the people you serve. For more business development and marketing strategies for staying in touch with your ideal prospects, visit

Blog Posts by Marty Marsh

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My Office Supply Fetish
Free Puppies
Confirmed Opt-in May Reduce Your Opt-in Rate…
Opt-In Confusion
Is There a Business in Your Mess?
Paper Squeeze Page
Ignore Your Weaknesses
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Researching an Autoresponder Service
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No Opt-In = Lost Opportunities
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What Breaks Your Heart?
Your Mid-Month Review for April
# 1– Best Email Marketing Tip
Mastering The Basics
A New Attitude
Mid-Month Review
Content You Share
New Year! NO Resolutions!
The Power of Using Someone’s Name
Elevator Pitch
No, No, No, No, No!
Treat Your Signature Like an Article-Marketing Resource Box
An Irresistible Free Gift
Business Lessons from Burning Man
When it Comes to Biz Size, Smaller Really is Better
Don’t Put Off Building a List
Tell a Good Story
Make a One-Time Customer Into a Lifetime Customer
Are You a Cyber Slacker?
People Are More Likely To Buy From Those They Trust
Living Life Now
Short Link Danger
Read This If You Use PayPal
Summertime… and Business is Easy!
Using Daily Ritual for Life Balance
Focus, Schmocus
August 2010 Marketing Events Calendar
Social Media Tip… You Could Lose Your Twitter Account If You Don’t Do This…
Success? Or Not?
July 2010 Marketing Events Calendar
Just Where do You Intend to Put That?
June 2010 Marketing Events Calendar
Play Golf in Your Underwear
Dress Up Your Marketing….
Summertime… and Business Ain’t so Easy
Cows, and Passion, and Business, Oh My!
More Channels, More Business
Smarmy Subject Lines
May 2010 Marketing Events Calendar
On the Road with Marty in Saguaro National Park
Rocket Science vs. Broken Links
Stop the World, I Want to Get Off
Value Added Surprises
Choose a FROM Address and Stick with It!
It Takes Many Contacts
At the Quiet End of Day
Changing Bad Habits
Get the Big Picture
What to Do When You Fall
Wonky Technology
Marketing Lessons From A Cruise Ship
Move Your Feet
Sell Without Selling
What To Do When The Phone Rings
Smart Clients Are The Best Clients
Clear Only If Known
Lead, Follow Or Get Out The Way
Do You Do Happy Hour?
Pick 3, Any 3
Write Something Special
How Can I Help Someone Today?
Be A Person Of Positive Influence
Black Hat Marketing Vs. White Hat Marketing
Make An Appointment With Yourself
Make Time For Marketing
Welcome To Your Marketing Business
Use Free Email Accounts To Learn Marketing
You Couldn’t Possibly Want THAT
Doing Your Marketing Laundry
Surprise Your Clients
Tip: Make ’Em Laugh
Step Away From The Computer And Nobody Gets Hurt
Identify Yourself
Suddenly, I Have All the Time in the World
Stop Complaining, Get Busy
Read Your Own Stuff
Losing My Focus — and You
A Gentle Nudge in a New Direction
5 Website Marketing Mistakes to Avoid
Can You Ever Be OVER-Organized? You Betcha!
Maddening Websites
Gonna Eat Some Worms
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Articles by Marty Marsh

Where to Get Ideas For Articles and Blog Posts
5 Daily Rituals for Business Success
How and When to End a Business Relationship
You Better Make It Easy
Whatever It Takes
Groceries and Your Email Marketing
Five Rules for Branding Using Social Media
Grow Your Biz With Teleseminars
5 Ways to Create a Circle of Support
Comfort Zone Panic
How Twitter Can Impact Your B2B Sales
Wasted Advertising
Will Organization Destroy Your Creativity?
Get Things Done with Micro-Actions
3 Ways to Fall Back in Love With Your Goals
Get ‘em While They’re Still Smoking!
Being as Productive as I Can Be
My Teenage Marketing Lessons
Top Five Reasons You Need a Membership Site
How to Have Fewer Unsubscribes
You Are Cordially Invited to NOT Pay Attention
Choosing the Best Email Service Provider for YOUR Business
How to Frustrate The Hell Out of Your Prospects and Clients
Out of Office Emails Suck… Usually
Is It Too Hard To Get Off Your List?
B2C? B2B? P2P?
Advertising Ideas That Work Quickly
Establish Metrics That Matter
Can You Send Too Many Emails?
Maybe You Could Teach Third Grade
The $64,000 Question…
Every Contact is Marketing
Which First? Get the Sale or the Opt-In?
Your Deep Dark Secret
You Make Them Work Too Hard
Annoying Marketing “Trick”
Customer Recognition as a Marketing Strategy
Why Do You Need an Email List, Anyway?
Size Does NOT Matter (at least the size of your list)
Keeping Your Newsletter Fresh
How Will They Ever Find You?
Grow Your List With a Contest
Too Embarrassed to Promote Yourself?
Watch What Comes Out of Your Mouth (and Your Keyboard)
Maximum Benefit from your MSP
Why Asking for a Referral Can Be Dangerous
Selling is Unnecessary
Why Selling Your Stuff is Okay
Who’s the Real Expert?
Remind Them What You Can Do for Them
3 Great Offline Marketing Tips
Marketing with Your Photo
Offline Marketing for Online Success
Better Than a Business Card
No Time for Marketing
5 Essential Marketing Action Steps
When Less Means More
Is Your Website Marketing Savvy?
Don’t Let Your Clients Choose You
Better Stick With It
Just Say NO — To The MONEY
Is Your Email Address Killing Your Credibility… and Sales?
Goodbye, Good Luck
Are You A Soul Proprietor?
What’s Love Got To Do With It?
6 Ways to Make Your Marketing Activities Truly Sacred
Managing Email the Easy Way
How to Make Small Space Advertising Really Pay Off
I’m Having a Love Affair with my Clients
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