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Born with the desire to seek out the best in everyone and everything, Sandra has built three separate, successful businesses since 1995.

Having "been there" in trying to grow a small business and wondering where her next client would come from, Sandra immersed herself in learning everything she could - attending seminars and reading everything she could get her hands on and, while testing it all, she created a system for success. As a result of her trials, she is passionate about teaching her clients how to avoid the pitfalls and create a business which supports their desired lifestyle.

Known for her ability to teach clients how to create multiple streams of income while better marketing their business and attracting more clients, Sandra works with entrepreneurs in a variety of industries - from coaches to financial consultants and real estate investors to feng shui practitioners and virtual assistants.

Sandra is the publisher of "The Martini Advantage" - a free weekly email newsletter designed to teach small business owners how to create marketing systems and better leverage themselves in order to reach their business and life goals.

She is also a contributing author of Power and Soul: 4 2 Successful Entrepreneurs Share Their Secrets for Creating the Business and Life of Your Dreams (April 2007) and her articles are regularly featured on countless sites across the Web.

In the news...

Sandra regularly speaks and teaches small business owners how to structure their business to create more wealth and freedom in their lives. She has been featured in the Taunton Daily Gazette, the Middleborough Gazette, the Brockton Enterprise and The Standard Times.

Prior to launching her coaching business, Sandra was director of business operations for Pegasus Satellite Television in Marlboro, Massachusetts and spent 11 years in the Federal Government working with the White House, Peace Corps, and the Corporation for National & Community Service.

Sandra avidly volunteers her time and talents to SERVE New England, the Council on Aging, Middleborough Services to the Elderly and is the past president of the Middleborough Lions Club.

She currently resides in rural Massachusetts with her fabulous husband Jerry, their three dogs and three cats and spends her spare time reading, gardening, swimming and embracing natural health practices.

Blog Posts by Sandra P. Martini

Being Yourself in Business
Guru Bashing: So Whose Responsibility Is It Anyway?
Are You Selling *Hope*?
Can Freedom Really Be This Simple?
When Clarity Costs. . .
What Happens on the Other Side of Your Door?
The Door To Your Business
3 Ways to Ensure Your Business is Busy — No Matter The Economy or Season
3 Ways To Alienate Your Peeps a.k.a. “How NOT to Market”
First I Was Sad. . .and then I Got Mad
The Entrepreneur’s Model: Why You’re Not Making Money, Part 2
The Entrepreneurs’ Model — Why You’re Not Making Money, Part 1
A Tale of Two Mindsets
What My Shepherd Taught Me About Live Events
Do You Have THIS Basic Covered in Your Biz?
Does Your Business Need a Reality Check?
Right? Left? Why BOTH Sides of Your Brain are Critical to Business Success
When FREE Isn’t. . .
Behind the Scenes of Program Pricing
I’ve Been Fired!
7 Do’s & Don’ts of Creating a Successful Forum for Your Next Program
THE Question to Move You Forward In Everything You Do
Dogs, Bunnies and Missed Opportunities
Marketing Lessons from a Small Town Restaurant
Are you Throwing Money Out the Window?
A Plan to Cure Prospective Client Attention Deficit
Is it a Right or a Privilege?
I’m Just Not Gonna Take It Anymore
A New, and I Think Better, Way to Plan for 2010
Is It Time to Hire Yourself?
Doneing vs. Doing
Common Courtesy as a Client Magnet
It’s Time to Face the Facts!
Why You’re Missing the Boat with Audio and Video
“Losing” a Client Can Be a Win
Without These 2 Things, You’ll Always Feel Stress in Your Business
How to Create a Survey Using Survey Monkey: All You Have To Do is Ask
So What Exactly DO You Do?
Are You Taking a Bandaid Approach to a Terminal Disease?
I Should Grow my Business “Geometrically”?
Sometimes it Pays to Just “Go Away”
Marketing Mess — Making Clients Do The Work
Paint & Makeup are doing it — are you?
2 FREE Visibility Tools for Your Business
Marketing Mess of the Week: “Soft Selling”
Does Your Business Need a Reality Check?
When You Give (on Twitter and elsewhere), You Also Receive
LinkedIn – A simple way to get “Recommendations”
When You Give (on Twitter and elsewhere), You Also Receive
Stuck? 4 Steps for Making the RIGHT Decision
Marketing Mess of the Week: Hotel Horrors
Do you have the “Big 3”?
Are You Part of the Hype? Why Letting Go is the Fastest Way to Move Forward
Are You Paving Cow Paths or Creating Super Highways?
Why More Clients May Not Be the Missing Piece of the Puzzle
Membership Forums: Marketing Mess of the Week
Social Currency More Than Just a Fad
Marketing Mess of the Week
Increase the Professionalism of Your Constant Contact Ezine With This Simple Change
Blog Tag: 10 Honest Traits About Me…
Strong Boundaries: The Cornerstone of Every Profitable Business
A Rather Different Approach to Planning for 2009
The “Mega” Calendar and His Not-So-Little Buddy
Strategic Marketing Sandy Style
Twitter: Why a Long Username is NOT in Your Best Interest
Tortoise or Hare — Which Describes You? And Why “Neither” is the *Right* Answer!
How to Create a Survey Using Survey Monkey: All You Have To Do is Ask
How to Stay in the Forefront of Your Customers Minds
How to Make Your Business Thrive Rather than Survive
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Articles by Sandra P. Martini

How to Design Your Business for Leverage and Profits
The Fine Line Between Inspiration and Imitation
What Is Your Business Designed to Accomplish?
How To Turnaround Your Struggling Business
Is Your Ezine Going the Way of the Dinosaurs?
What’s The Business Cost of Your Assumptions?
3 Keys to a Profitable Business
Extreme Client Care: The Final Frontier in Business
Baby or Puppy? Which Do You Have?
The Myth of 6 Figure Businesses
4 Levels of Business Growth – Which Are You In?
Why Good or Great Customer Service Isn’t Enough
Procrastination – Overcome It or Watch Your Business Wither and Die
Are Shortcuts Killing Your Business?
What Extreme Client Care Isn’t
Which Business Type Are You?
What’s Your Churn?
Maximizing Your Business Assets
Option Overload: Does Your Business Support or Overwhelm Clients?
Setting Boundaries for Sustainable Success and Extreme Client Care
Buyer Beware Becomes Vendor Beware
The Role of Passion in Your Business
Small Business Continuity & Contingency Planning
The “Kindle Effect” on Your Business
Where Are My Business Results?
The Power of a List
Is Your Business Ready for Added Leverage?
Are You Easy To Do Business With?
Why You May Not Be Succeeding In Your Business
Service vs Products: The Marketing Difference
What You, R2D2 and C3PO Have In Common
Small Business Optimization Through Integration and Combination
What Scrabble® and Business Have in Common
Business and Marketing Authorities, Experts and Masters
Are You Secure in Your Business
Business Success: It’s Not All About Finding Your Niche and Growing Your List
The 3 Growth Stages of Your Business
3 Forms of Entrepreneurial Overwhelm
Bright Shiny Objects vs Opportunities: How to Know the Difference
Business Systems for Increased Freedom AND Profits
Nurturing for Sustainable Business Success
Right or Left? Why You Need Both Sides of Your Brain for Business Success?
5 Strategies for When It All Goes Wrong
Getting Things Done – the Right Things – in a Crazy Unrelenting World
Get Off The Roller Coaster and On The Escalator
7 Must Haves for a Successful and Sustainable Business
5 Instant Ways to Gain Leverage in Your Business
7 Reasons Blueprints Don’t Work
3 Ways to Ensure Your Business is Busy — No Matter The Economy or Season
Small Business Retreats: The 1st Step to Getting Off The Revenue Roller Coaster
Getting Things Done – the Right Things – in a Crazy Unrelenting World
Making the Tough Decisions in Your Business
Your Program’s Sold Out — Now What?
Launch-based or Sustainable — Which Type of Business Do You Have?
5 Reasons Most Small Businesses Fail
Are You a Victim of the “6 Figure Myth”?
What Your Clients Need — and Won’t Ask For
Boundaries, Convenience and Perception in Your Business
When Leverage Becomes a Liability
How Different Personalities Deal With Change
Generate More Revenue by Hiring a Support Team
Marketing Your Business — The Line Between Effective and Annoying
Are You Making These 6 Marketing Mistakes
When a Good Friend Becomes a Bad Vendor
Is Hosting Your Membership Program Making You Lazy?
Are You “Selling” or Providing an Experience?
The SIMPLEST Way to Get More of the RIGHT Things Done
Results, NOT Resolutions in 2010
Internet Marketer or Online Business
How Far has Online Marketing Fallen?
How You Can Avoid What Causes 97% of All Failure
Is Your Affiliate Program Turning Away Clients and Affiliates?
Strong Boundaries: The Cornerstone of Every Profitable Business
7 Strategies Guaranteed to Increase Your Productivity
Is Your Business Client Friendly?
7 Tips for Writing Great Articles for Your Ezines and Blog Posts
Looking to Increase Your Credibility?
7 Tried and True Ways to Get More Subscribers
7 Tips for Working Successfully from Home
3 Steps to Getting The Most Out of Conferences and Workshops
Generate More Revenue by Hiring a Virtual Assistant
Another Workshop or a Focused Attitude – Which Does Your Business Need Most?
Business Systems – The Real Way to Create a Lifestyle Business
Conversions – What Do They Mean and Why Do They Matter?
Credibility GONE – Are you risking yours by doing this?
Twitter Suspension of Accounts — Were You Prepared?
5 Questions You MUST Ask Before Joining a High Level Coaching Program
Where Do You Go From Here?
Multiple Streams of Income – Begin Your Journey
Productivity Buster: Mistaking Activity for Accomplishment
Target Fixation — Is Your Goal Killing Your Business?
Forced Continuity Programs – Are You Losing Clients Because of Yours?
5 Strategies To Getting Your Money’s Worth At Seminars & Workshops
Affiliate Programs: The Truths No One Talks About
Keeping Clients in a Down Economy: Is Giving or Taking Better for Your Bottom Line?
How to Know it’s Time to Let a Client Go
Strategic Implementation: A Direct Path to Your Goals
Why Letting Go is the Best Way to Move Forward
Why More Clients May NOT be the Missing Piece of the Puzzle
Are You Paving Cow Paths or Creating Super Highways?
Social Currency: More Than Just a Fad
Get Real and Make Things Happen
Social Networking: Easy Peasy Lead Generation
3 Reasons Your Prospects Aren’t Buying
How Much Money Are You Leaving on the Table?
Marketing Overwhelm: A Curable Disease
Online Success Simplified: 5 Must-Have Tools for a 6-Figure and Beyond Business
Simple System for Building a Relationship with Your Prospects
Article Marketing Repurposing Strategy – Creating Information Products
Where are You in the Hierarchy?
How to Create a Dynamic Marketing Plan – Part I
Email Marketing – Are Your Basics Covered?
Time and Productivity Management — Sandy Style
4 Ways to Build Your Ezine List Without Spending a Dime
3 Processes to Put Your Business on Automatic Pilot
Autoresponders: What are they and how to use them
What EXACTLY are \”processes and systems\”?
Article Marketing Repurposing Strategy — and it’s NOT posting articles online
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