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Marketing Calendar Template

Finally! This complimentary Marketing Calendar Template from Monica Shah makes marketing easy, intuitive and automatic. Just follow this simple done for you money-making marketing calendar every single week and you'll know exactly what to do to get more clients.

Offered By Monica Shah

List Building and Social Media Checklist
Product Success Secrets: Promote your product

Want to sell more? All marketing is a numbers game - the bigger the list, the more sales you make. This template by Michele A. Scism and Meredith Eisenberg shows you step by step how to grow your list and how to use social media to promote your product.

Offered By Meredith Eisenberg and Michele A Scism

Planning and Product Creation Checklist
Product Success Secrets: Design your product - a checklist

Super Easy Speaker Sheet
Sample Template

Testimonial Template and Best Practices

The “Brand YOU” Worksheet
Craft Your Magnetic Marketing Message to Stand Out in a "Social" World

Teleseminar Resources
The Tools You Want

There are several types of "teleseminars" -- this template takes you through each and the tools necessary to host one.

Offered By Sandra P. Martini

Content Marketing Infographic

Description of content marketing process for online-based entrepreneurs.

Offered By Sandra P. Martini

Article Repurposing
Create Engagagement By Being Where Your Audience Is

Every piece of content (a.k.a. "article") you create can be repurposed in several different ways. And each time you reformat/repurpose the information, you're going to reach more and more of your ideal audience.

Offered By Sandra P. Martini

How Connected Are You

Do you feel you are connected but you are not generating leads or revenue from those connections? Would you like to know how connected you are and what you need to do to become better connected in your industry – then this template by Dr. Laureen Wishom is for you.

Offered By Laureen Wishom