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Thank my stars, it looks like the copycat bubble may be finally ready to burst.

I don’t want to say I told you so… but (ahem!) I told you so… like 100 years ago.

Here’s what happens – and this happens just about anywhere but I’m going to use internet marketing as a point of reference.

Somebody creates a formula for success. This formula is given a cool name like a blueprint and is then touted as a fool-proof, just follow what I do exactly and you’ll enjoy my success kind of solution.

A great marketing campaign is put into effect and next thing you know everyone’s buying it.

Then you notice that everyone’s websites start looking the same… sounding the same… using practically the same sales copy.

One of the major selling points is that all you have to do is follow the plan… no thinking required, no diverging, no getting cute and creative on us.

It’s like watching a tribute band celebrating it’s 25th anniversary down at the Village Bowling Alley… not the most braggable distinction.

Here’s the fallout:

These copycat techniques aren’t working anymore.

By not creating anything outstanding or unique, the buyers of these programs and systems are placed in such a tight box that they suffocate. Fear sets in, resistance becomes futile.

Dare to be you.

I know, it sounds like an inspirational poster in your junior high classroom, but it’s true. Get out of someone’s stupid list of rules and get real.

Please… go find something in your business that feels like it belongs to someone else and not you… and let it go. Or make it yours. Give it a splash of glitter or bless it on it’s way to the trash.

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