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  • Are you ready to stop trading hours for dollars?
  • Would you like to create more revenue streams without taking personal time away from your family?
  • Would you like to reach more people with your work and your message?
  • Would you like to help more people with what you do best?

Information products and online training programs are a great way to do all of these. Downloadable information products can bring much needed cashflow into your business while you sleep or vacation.

Busting A Couple Myths About Information Product Creation

Myth 1: Most people assume creating an information product or program has to take a long time. It doesn’t. Not if you have a system for creating it.

Myth 2: A lot of people also assume an information product wouldn’t fit well with their business. Even businesses built around physical products (like essential oils, clothing, makeup, extermination services) can all benefit from information products.

Myth 3: Many feel like they aren’t an expert in anything and that no one would pay for an information product they would create. You’d be surprised at what people will pay to learn.

In my Free Training Series, “Is There An Information Product In You?” I share ideas for determining if creating an information product is a good route for you. (You can get this free tutorial using the signup form on this page.)

If you’re not sure if you are ready to create an information product, here are a few questions to help you determine if you’re ready to leverage your knowledge or life lessons into programs and products.

Consider These Questions

1) “I help people solve what problem?” What problem do people struggle with that you can solve? You may help people solve multiple problems, but could you pick one?

2) “Who do I help?” Describe this person in as much detail as you can.

3) “I help them by teaching them what?” Could you break it down into three steps or points?

4) “And here are the results they get…” What kind of results do people get from working with you?

5) Name 1-3 people you have helped who have received positive results from working with you.

If you can answer those questions, you’re ready for my system of creating products in a week or less.

If you can’t answer those questions, here’s a little homework you can do to get ready to leverage your influence through my duplicatable product creation system.

1) Start a Focus Group – think of 2-5 people who fit the audience you’d like to work with.

2) Take Your Focus Group through the Process – Invite the list of people to participate in your training. You might put them in a group and help them together in 1-3 phone calls. If you’d rather, you can work with them one-on-one. It doesn’t have to be as a group format. Offer participants your training in exchange for them giving you feedback and testimonials (assuming they benefit from working with you).

3) Give participants an assessment before you work with them. This is as simple as several questions asking them to rate themselves on a scale of 1-5 in different areas that relate to the problem you intend to solve.

4) Give participants the same assessment again at the end of the training to see how they improved.

5) Document the process. Record your calls. Hang onto any handouts or items you create for them.

6) Ask for testimonials.

Now you have a process. You know whether it works and you hopefully have some glowing testimonials you can use.

Once you’ve done this (or something similar to it), you’re ready to offer training programs that can be resold as a product. To learn more about my free tutorial on preparing to create information products, go here.

If you’ve already watched the training series and want to get started, go here.

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