The Easy Way To Turn A $12 E-book Into A $97 Information Product

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I’m very excited.  I’ve been working with 49 other experts in 13 different areas of business today.  The book is finally done!

As one of the authors, I am authorized (no pun intended) to give you a copy of this book at no charge, please enjoy it and let me know what you think. Please get your complimentary review copy here:

I’ve read through many of the chapters, and there is a lot of great information in the book.  To give you a taste of the type of information in the book, here is an excerpt of my chapter on Information Products and Your Cash Flow:

How to Turn a $12 E-book into a $97 Information Product

Let’s say you wrote a book about gardening. Here’s how to use that content to build a valuable product:

  • You could turn that into an e-book that could be delivered electronically.
  • You could record a series of three to five minute videos that show you using certain gardening tools. Four or five of these videos would be fabulous.
  • You could create a chart that shows people what time of the year to plant certain plants.
  • You could create a private Facebook group that only those who purchase the package can become members of, giving them the ability to speak to other want-to-be gardeners about their gardening issues.
  • You could top that off with three mp3 recordings of you interviewing the world’s leading gardening experts.  You could interview an expert on roses, an expert on soil and an expert on organic gardening.

By the way, since I am definitely not a gardener, I got these ideas by researching Google to see what people were looking for in the gardening arena.  So, you have an idea that would make a good e-book?   Reply in the comments and let me know.

And, forget to pick up your free copy of my new book at

Michele Scism is a decisive, driven and committed entrepreneur who helps successful business owners create passive income streams so they can stop working so hard and start enjoying the benefits of entrepreneurship.

Michele’s business expertise has been highlighted recently on NBC, CBS, Fox, and She is an international speaker, best-selling author and the Founder of Decisive Minds.

She is a serial entrepreneur who knows how it feels to fail miserably at business, at one time the bank actually called demanding their $1.5 million back, and also knows how it feels to sign the contract to sell your company for $9 million dollars. For business building tips visit

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One comment on “The Easy Way To Turn A $12 E-book Into A $97 Information Product
  1. Really love the facebook group idea, that is fantastic, and so much easier to manage (I’d imagine) than a message board.

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