You Are The Brand (Period).

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As I was prepping for my interview with Brand Strategist Danielle Miller, I did some research on personal branding. It’s interesting to me because I feel I don’t know enough about the topic, but I know a great personal brand when I see one.

And Anne Rynde wrote an interesting article over at SteamFeed a little while back that makes an interesting point.

You are the only unique selling point of your business.

It’s so true. There is nothing new or different about what you do – or what I do for that matter. The only thing that really makes it different is how we approach the problem and solution.

And that uniqueness is what attracts the right clients to us.

Although Rynde does say we should build our brand like Justin Bieber in another post (and that’s something that may get you slapped so I don’t recommend it!), her point about focusing on who you are in business and not what you do, really hits home. Don’t you think?

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