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Did you know that behind every marketing challenge is an opportunity to align your Soul’s Divine Purpose™ with your business goals? That’s because how much you grow your business is always a reflection of how much you grow yourself.

For example, small list size often reflects fear of not being wanted, fear of rejection or fear of not being good enough.

Or take staying stuck at your same income level for two years or more (or worse, watching your income drop). That often indicates hiding your message from the world, playing small or fear of stepping into the spotlight (again, often a fear of not being good enough).

Now that my business is at 7-figures people frequently ask me, “Kendall, how did you DO it?”

The answer is:

* FIRST, knowing what the right marketing steps are
* SECOND, taking action consistently (that means daily, even when I don’t feel like it!)
* NEXT, looking at any place in my business that seems “glitchy” or stuck, and peeling back the curtain to see where I’m not in alignment with my Soul’s Divine Purpose™
* AND FINALLY, investing in continuous personal development that pulls me forward towards my best self.

The more I work on “me,” meaning, my truth and the authentic expression of my Soul’s Divine Purpose, the easier my business is to run, the more fun I have and the more money I create.

So, which of the four steps listed above do YOU need to take a good look at? I recommend being totally honest with yourself as to where you may be hiding out, then stepping into courage. If I can do it, I know you can too!

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One comment on “Align your Soul’s Divine Purpose™
  1. Bruno says:

    Short and straight to the point! I like that post. It is a good wake up call. I have to stay focus and persist to manifest my desires. Thank you!

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