Are You One Too?

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Lisa Bloom - Speaker, Author, Coach, Storyteller

Are you a life-long learner?
Do you love discovering new ideas and subjects?
Do you read lots of books and surf for information continually?

I love that description, ‘life-long learner’…I heard it for the first time not long ago.

I’d like to tell you a story.  It’s a true story, but then all stories are true right! Actually this story is as true as I can make it…and it’s VERY personal. You may have a story like it.

He was a young boy when he realized that school was not for him.  It was a combination of a rebellious nature and a gambling father.  He wasn’t so keen on school and his father kept losing the family’s wealth.

It was clear that by the age of 15 he needed to go out and start to make a living.  That was quite the norm in those days.

He worked hard and did well in pretty much everything he turned his hand to.  He worked in a garage fixing cars and fantasized about his racing at weekends.  He ran a printing press and a restaurant.  He worked hard and played hard.

When his temperamental chef walked out on him, a frequent event, he would roll up his sleeves and start to cook.  He worked as a salesman.

And finally he took over the family business which he ran successfully for years.

He never spent a day in university or college but he was a life-long learner.

He was not an avid reader, though he did read some favorites, but he loved discussing all kinds of ideas; politics, religion, philosophy.  He had inspiring ideas about love and relationships.  He was a life-long learner and a teacher.

He is my hero.
He is my father.
And today marks 15 years since his very untimely death.

He really was a hero.  When he was a young man and home recovering from chicken-pox; some robbers broke into the family home.  Dad jumped out of his sick bed and started to chase them. What was really rare about this event, especially in Ireland in the 1940?s was that they had a gun. And they shot him. His luck was that the shooter was a bad shot. The bullet grazed the top of his head.

And they ran away. I guess that was my luck too!

My luck was also to grow up believing that learning holds treasures beyond imagination and that as we live we learn.  That books have the highest of value and the ideas in them, hold the secrets of life.

My luck was that I grew up on fascinating, stimulating and challenging conversations around the dinner table and supported by the people who helped me believe that I could become whatever I wanted.

Above all, my luck was that Dad knew that life-long learning is life-long loving. That love is where it’s at.

Thank- you Dad.

Lisa Bloom, founder of Story Coach Inc. helps entrepreneurs and business owners beat overwhelm, stress and discomfort with marketing to find confidence, attract ideal clients and make more money by finding their success story.  You can download Lisa's ebook "Using Stories to Get Great Clients" at

© Copyright 2012 Lisa Bloom
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