Are You Still Tolerating That?

By , Online and Relationship Marketing Mentor and Coach

Solo-E Certified Solo Entrepreneur Expert

Christine M. Gallagher - Online and Relationship Marketing Mentor and Coach

At dinner with friends recently, we had a great conversation about everything from Star Wars to Source Energy and the power of belief.

First, it’s so cool to have friends you can talk about those things with! I’m very grateful.

Second, that conversation also got me thinking about something I often talk about with my clients:


Over my years coaching hundreds of entrepreneurs, I’ve seen that tolerations play a role in success.

As in, things you tolerate in your business (and life) that weigh you down and keep you from reaching your fullest potential.

My video this week explains more, and shows you how to eliminate energy-sucking tolerations from your life.

I hope it gets you thinking about one key question:

Why are you still tolerating that? 

I’d love to hear what it brings up for you in the comments on the post!

Christine Gallagher is founder of, a company dedicated to teaching women entrepreneurs all over the world how to use authentic relationship marketing and online strategies to attract raving fans, enroll more clients, and enjoy more income and freedom in their business, all while sharing their gifts and their message in a much bigger way. Visit to get simple, targeted actions you can take immediately to get your business (and bank account) growing right away by downloading your FREE guide "How to Create a Business That Consistently Pays You 10K or More, Each and Every Month" and to learn more about Christine, her products, programs and courses.

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