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I love this month’s cover story in Ode magazine, “In Praise of Intelligent Optimists”.  So much better of a name than being called “pollyanna”, don’t you think! This article really speaks to us as small business owners and in particular our entrepreneurial energy and skills.

The feature article talks about how the world has fallen into a dark state…as well all hear constantly and see results daily…and yet it’s times like this when we need optimism.  It’s easy to be an optimist when things are going fine but it’s a real mark of character when you can be optimistic during tough times.

More from the article: “Optimism isn’t about denying reality; it’s about creating a better reality than you’re facing…The Intelligent Optimist knows a half-empty glass is also half full. And she knows more can be gained by focusing on what she has than by focusing on what she’s missing. You learn to become optimistic by concentrating on things that give you a sense of satisfaction and you remain an optimist by feeding those things to make them grow.   Intelligent Optimists know that for every problem there is (at least the beginning of) a solution andd that the search for that solution can be inspirational in itself.”

Ode goes on highlight their first ever list of 25 Intelligent Optimists featuring individuals around the world who are doing their best to bring positive change to their communities, their countries and the world.

What I get about this view is that optimism is a choice.  It’s not about denying reality – in fact, there is power in being able to confront the real issues of what’s going on around the world or even in your own bank account.  What I see is that my clients are paying even more attention to their business.  This is when your entrepreneurial creativity really gets fired up.  You look for ways to create solutions – you hae to be more ingenius when the flow of abundance shifts. (notice I didn’t say dried up…it hasn’t dried up…just shifted)

This is a time to listen to your business – what is it telling you? It will point to places that are broken and need your attention. It will whisper areas of abundance just waiting to be picked.  Really hear your clients and customers – they will tell you what they want now in their circumstances…sometimes they want more access to you, sometimes they want it packaged differently…listen… will see it, hear it, feel it…the solutions are right in front of you.

You do have to slow down to hear the whispers…..

In my Joyful Business Guide system we get you to focus on JoyFlow Sightings.  This seems like a perculiar activity for marketing system but let me tell you…looking for the joy that is flowing in your business at this very moment will do more to shift your energy, help you tap into your creativity and get you into inspired action than anything else!  Check it out at Joyful Business Guide…



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