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In my home office, affectionately known as the Joyful Empire Creative
Studio, I set up a special inspiring area in the studio.  It’s in the
corner of my office/studio, which in the Feng Shui world, is known as
my Wealth & Prosperity corner. My Friend, Evana Maggiore
came to visit a month ago and pointed out
that my Wealth and Prosperity corner was empty.

Well, I don’t know much about the bagua map but I do know
about my energy and I knew that I couldn’t have the Wealth &
Prosperity area of my office empty!  I shared this philosophy with my
husband, Marc, and he was on board – we needed to create an inspiring
corner for even more prosperity, abundance and wealth to flow!

He found this cute little chest which he knew I’d love the flow of the
rounded front. For my birthday, my sons gave me a beautiful water
feature so now I have “flow” in the wealth & prosperity area – love
the feeling of that!

I added a special gorgeous topaz crystal, a crystal red heart, and an Ogg
light (which I bought from Cheryl Richardson’s site) (friend and client,
Chris Baeza shared that shining a light on an area helps you to bring your
awareness to it..thank you).  My Ogg light changes colors in a gentle
pattern (more visual flow) and then I added a birthday gift from my
client, Laurie Mandato, from Imagining Joy.  She sent me a
gorgeous silver “Circle of Friends” candle holder.  It reminds me of my
abundance of loving family and friends.

I make it a ritual to visit my beautiful corner each morning and turn
on the water and the lights.  It fills me with a sense of peace,
purpose, beauty and reminds me that it’s wonderful to be focused on
wealthy & prosperity helping my amazing clients attract more wealth &
prosperity into their business.

This week I added a new feature to my inspiring space.  On the wall I
placed a large piece of paper for my new Attraction Marketing and
Money Mindset Program (AMMMP).  The is a year long program for 24
amazing creative women entrepreneurs.  I put up 24 tulip shaped sticky
notes as a “spaceholder” for each of the incredible women who are
coming into this program.

Every morning I connect with the 24 women who are coming and feel
excited and inspired about what is possible for them in the coming
year.  I even started writing names on the tulips claiming individual
people I know who would flourish in this program.  I imagine what it
will be like for them. How excited they are in their business and what
possibilities await them.

This process helps involve my whole self in my big intention for this
program.  It’s a very visually sensory experience and helps me to
connect with my purpose each morning. Plus, it  really  gets my energy
going for letting people know about the program!  (that’s how we do
marketing here at the Center for Joyful Business!)

So, is your name on one of my sticky notes? 🙂

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