Build Your Courage Muscles

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Who are your feminine heroes? Are they women who have overcome adversity, accomplished something amazing, defied the odds, bounced back from setbacks or started with nothing?

At some point in time, being a woman entrepreneur demands we do ALL of those things. It’s not a question of if, but of when. What every woman hero has within her are 3 types of courage: mental, emotional and physical. This isn’t about being “masculine tough” (ladies, we are so over that!)…but it IS about tapping into the feminine grace and strength already within you.

First step? I HIGHLY recommend that you engage in some type of physical activity that requires you to build muscle, resiliency and that challenges you to overcome what you initially see as limitations. When a woman feels empowered in her body, that sense of confidence flows through to everything else she’s doing in her life and business.

I ride horses, plus I train my horses in ‘liberty’ work which means I’m running around in the heat, in my sand arena, huffing and puffing while trying to be a leader for my horse. It’s often humbling and challenging, and, when I get it right, it’s totally magical!

My clients do things like body building, kick boxing, hiking, running 5-10k races, one even does pole dancing (yep, it counts!). At my workshops we get the whole room dancing because I know if you’re in motion when you’re with me, you’re more likely to stay in motion when you get back home. The point is this: You don’t have to be THE best at your sport or activity, you just have to keep stretching to be YOUR best!

I am challenging you to challenge yourself! Try a new sport or activity. It’s okay to start small or start slowly, just START, and keep at it. You’re building your courage muscles and I am so proud of you already for your efforts! xoxoxox

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