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To be successful in your business you have to be willing to step up and be a leader.  Many people call this being a “celebrity” or a “rock star”…I fondly call it “Celebrity with Integrity.”

I know as a heart-centered entrepreneur you may not be comfortable with the idea of being a “celebrity” (and some of you are very comfortable so you’ve got that going for you!).  Many of us received messages when we were younger about “not hogging the spotlight”, “who do you think you are” and “being too big for your britches”. These were meant in kindness but now as a growing business owner holding on to those messages can keep you small and definitely keep your business from growing.

You see to attract more clients, who want what you have to offer – you have to be willing to step into the spotlight and be seen.  You have to believe in what you offer and know without a doubt that your services/products/program will help change someone’s life or business for the better.  That takes stepping into your authentic power, creating a powerful and authentic presence and embracing being seen as a successful leader – ie:  a bit of celebrity.

Embracing “Celebrity with Integrity” means that you allow yourself to shine brightly with your expertise, your passion and experience knowing that it will give others permission to do the same.

I’d like to share a great example of “Celebrity with Integrity” through one of my Platinum clients.  Ginger Burr, www.TotalImageConsultants.com, is a successful Image Consultant and a passionate vegan.  She is adding her vegan passion to her business to help vegans dress beautifully while honoring animals.

Here is a great example of authentically sharing her beautiful celebrity self in VegNews Magazine website featuring her vegan style wedding.

What makes this work to well: It’s personal, shares that she “lives this lifestyle and walks her talk,” it’s fun, and it highlights her special event and you get that she is dedicated without having to yell “expert” all over the place.  You have no doubt about her credibility and passion for this lifestyle.

What authentic ways can you share your expertise and highlight your passion for your unique work in the world?

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One comment on ““Celebrity with Integrity” Style in Action
  1. TSUFIT says:

    You’re absolutely right!
    Entrepreneurs DO have to step into the spotlight!
    Author, Step Into The Spotlight! : A Guide to Getting Noticed

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