Channel Surfing – Riding the Waves of Inner Guidance

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Have you ‘tuned in” to YOUR universal guidance yet? If you haven’t heard all the latest… we’re talking about our wildly popular NEW Channel Surfing Program where we teach folks how to have a direct, straight line for answers to all of their questions.

We’ve been getting rave reviews from those who have tuned in already. Here’s one:

“I have listened to the first call, twice, the second time just now. What a beautiful experience. Lots of insight and information coming through for me. Wanted to say thank you for the opportunity to continue on my spiritual journey in a really big way! I feel as though I have suddenly grown by leaps and bounds.”  -Kim

Have you always wished you could ask the wisest being alive, or dead, your most important questions? What about a direct line straight to God or Source Energy? Or what about knowing how to handle any situation with anyone so that you could get the results you want?

The truth is that every single person has the ability to tap into source energy and channel information on any topic they want! And no, you don’t have to be at a séance, spin three times on your head or cast a magic spell to do it!

In fact, it’s simpler and more accessible than you might think!

Hundreds of people registered for our “Channel Surfing – Riding the Waves of Inner Guidance” preview calls earlier this year… Talk about a buzz!  As a direct result of those tele-seminars, many have said they have a more direct connection with their spiritual guides.  Some even connected for the very first time!

So many questions have been pouring forth about channeling that we’ve decided to offer another program! Interested? Here’s what you do:

We’ve recorded two preview calls to share with you. If after listening to BOTH recordings, this program resonates with you, AND you are ready to join us for the Channel Surfing 4-Month Program beginning Wednesday, April 1st at 3 pm Pacific/ 6 pm Eastern then please download the application from the recording page. This program isn’t for everyone… so Eva will contact you for a brief interview to determine if there’s a fit.

Here’s the sign up page to get all the goods: Channel Surfing

If you have been feeling called towards this, you ARE ready.

Listen to the No Cost Intro Calls, Get Details and Complete your Application HERE

“Channeling is like climbing to the top of a mountain where the view is expanded.”~Orin and DaBen

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