Does Your Coach Know the Strategy Behind What They are Teaching?

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Yesterday, I read a post from Sandra Martini on why ‘blueprints’ don’t work. Of course, I HAD to leave a comment. I’m one of the people coaches and consultants come to for business mentoring after they’ve invested thousands and thousands on a blueprint, and still don’t see results.

Some of my business mentoring clients say that the ‘guru’ who sold them this blueprint throws it back to the customer, using language like:

  • “You’re not trying hard enough.”
  • “You have some blocks keeping you from figuring this out.”
  • “You’re not investing enough time in this”
  • “You’ve got to be patient… it will happen when you have everything else in order.”
  • “You need more help… I can do that for an extra $$$”

Did you notice the blame is put directly on the customer?

It’s wrong to blame the customer/client for it – after all, they paid the ‘guru’ to help them. That’s what the ‘guru’ should do: help, not blame.

But when you hear something like that from a ‘guru’, it shows the person is hiding from the real truth: They don’t have a clue about the strategy BEHIND the blueprint.

You see, most blueprints are a few strategies (which most learn from others) combined together that may (or even may not) have worked for them.

The ‘guru’ understands how to describe and package the blueprint, but really doesn’t understand the ‘why it works.’

It’s like how Newton described what gravity does, but it took Einstein to explain why gravity works.  If you, or your ‘guru’, doesn’t understand the theory behind the rules, they won’t know how to adapt the rules to your unique situation.

As I said in my comment on Sandy’s post, I feel a shift happening in the infomarketing world online… one that expects more real strategies that help on an individualized level.

Like I always say, if I’m paying you $10,000 + to coach me or mastermind with me, you better clean up after my kids too. OK, I know I’m being a bit snarky with that, but what I’m really saying is that at that level of investment, I expect you to know what you’re talking about and be able to really help me succeed.  (How many of you’ve invested in that kind of program, only to drop out because you were being blamed for ‘not listening’ when you weren’t getting the results you were promised? It’s ok. You can raise your hand… I promise nobody’s looking.)

Expect more. Demand more… and if you feel you’re being blamed… move on to someone who will really help you!

And if you are someone selling help (and hope), know that the bar is officially raised!

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One comment on “Does Your Coach Know the Strategy Behind What They are Teaching?
  1. Silvia says:

    These are great tips. I’m glad someone has written an article to cover this subject. So many of us waste our time on coaching that does nothing but discourage us! Feel free to visit my site as well.

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