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What if you always knew, without a shadow of a doubt, the right choice to make, the best action to take, the ideal approach to any problem?

What if, in moments of worry or stress, when there’s too much to do, when you’re not sure how you’re going to manage your life or make critical business decisions, you could immediately connect with your own personal pipeline of wise counsel, guidance and support – 24/7?

In other words, what if you had your own clear channel of Divine Guidance at your command, any time, anywhere?

Come on. Confess it.
You would love it! Who wouldn’t?

Since I believe we CAN have whatever we truly want, I asked for my own Guidance…clearly, audibly and over time, I discovered how to open to my Higher Self, release doubt and resistance and become a receptive, clear channel of my inner Guidance.

I’m ready to pull back the curtain and show you how I’ve refined my connection to Guidance with my NEW NO-COST call, Guidance On Demand™ on Wednesday, May 19, 2010 at 5pm PT/8pm ET.


If you’re ready to take a quantum leap, get on the fast track to your connection to Source in order to fulfill your purpose, manifest whatever you want easily and joyfully, and experience your life the way it was meant to be this call is for you!
Was it a smooth ride? NO WAY. I had to confront and work through my own limiting beliefs and voices in my head that said “You’re crazy. Who are YOU to think you can have that kind of direct communication from Source?”

You may be thinking the same thing … that it’s not possible for you to have your own direct hotline to Source and to the Guidance that would change your life.

I’m here to tell you, YOU CAN!  Theos and I can show you how to channel your own Guidance On Demand, so you can clearly receive the answers, support, information and creative juice you need and want – WHENEVER you want!

Theos is the name of my loving, non-physical guides who came to me pretty quickly once I got past my “I don’t believe I can do this” stage.

They are a stream of consciousness whose mission is to integrate our understanding of how we can embody our Higher Selves deliberately and live from the highest point of consciousness.

Join us on Wednesday, May 19th to find out more:
Guidance on Demand

Hold onto your hat and get ready to experience great shifts in your life. . . should you choose to accept them!

Things like:

  • Creating from joy rather than struggle
  • Releasing relationships that no longer serve you for relationships that do
  • Moving into work or business more perfect for you
  • Enjoying better health and vitality
  • Experiencing greater prosperity
  • Expanding and contracting time as wanted
  • Being a more deliberate creator of your life
  • Accessing guidance and support on everything from the most philosophical to the most practical requests
  • Moving away from living in your ‘ego’ self to living from your Higher Self

So many of you have been given an “inner calling” that your Higher Self has put out to you. Unfortunately, many are not hearing that calling. It’s likely that if you’re reading this, you’ve heard yours.

By tapping into your OWN Guidance you can:

  • Raise your vibrational set point
  • Create a clearer connection to Source
  • Meet and merge with your Higher Self
  • Open your conscious awareness to the higher planes
  • Become aware of the bigger picture of your life from your Higher Self’s perspective
  • Accelerate your spiritual growth and expansion
  • Communicate with your Higher Self and communicate AS your Higher Self!

I want to share with you simple steps you need to make a powerful, dependable connection with your Guidance that is undeniable, trustworthy and deeply satisfying.

Here’s that link again to reserve your spot in this NO-COST TELECLASS:
Guidance on Demand

We want to rock your world!

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