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There it is again. That word: Courage. I love the word because it means “of the heart,” which is what we women in business are all about.

It came up in a conversation last week. Someone remarked how I have a lot of courage when it comes to business and mo’ney. I had to agree with them, though I chuckled to myself as I did so.

Reason is, women tell themselves they don’t have courage just because they feel afraid. Ladies, let me tell you…I’m afraid all of the time, seriously!

Listen, it takes courage to have a dream of success. It takes courage to want to help others via your business. And it sure as heck takes courage to invest in yourself so that you get the right training and mentoring to make that big dream come true.

It also takes courage to put thought into action, to move your dream into simple, daily steps so that you see progress and opportunities seek you out.

So, what’s on your to-do list today? Is it some little, piddly piece of busy work or is it picking up the phone and reaching out to someone who can help you? Is it hiding behind the computer or is it joining a program that will hold you accountable towards taking the right actions?

Courage is something to be practiced daily. So, start now, okay?

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