Creative Retreat Time at the Ocean – Filling Up!

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This week I am really delighted to share that I am on creative retreat…at the ocean!

A few months back I realized that my boys were going skiing with their dad for spring break and my husband was going to be traveling this week. I didn’t really want to be home alone all week. Well, I woke up one morning around 5 am wondering, “What would my future self….my inner audaciously successful & savvy business woman…my future self in 3 years do?”

I knew instantly. She would find a beautiful place to visit, nurture herself, and spend some chunks of time finally getting to some of those creative writing projects like revising my web page for the Joyful Business Guide and putting the final details together for my new Platinum coaching program. And, of course, it would have to be by the beach!

With a little research, I found a delightful island off Charleston, SC – Seabrook Island -and booked a wonderful little villa with a great view and a few steps from the salty waves…heaven. Turns out my husband’s travel plans changed and he was able to join me for the first half of the week. Now it’s on to marinate in some creative juices for these projects! It’s great to finally have the time and inspiration to spend on getting these projects done!

It’s been interesting sharing with others about my retreat. There have been a wide variety of responses, especially when I thought I was going away for a week by myself. Many women had trouble imagining taking time out of their life for themselves….a day much less a week. Some asked about spending money on just me! They would feel a bit guilty even though it’s a business expense! I had my moments of “feeling like i shouldn’t” be spending money on “just myself’. But what I know is every time I do something like this it fills me up so that can keep giving to others – it helps me be a better mother because I got some downtime, I’m a better business woman because I’m more relaxed and I got some creative projects done so i’m serving my clients in new ways.

You don’t have to start out with a whole week! Many of my collegues and friends have other creative ideas for what they do for reflection, nurturing and creative time.

My friend and collegue, Wendy Watkins and I took a beginning of the year retreat for a few days up in the North Carolina mountains. Wendy used her bartering services to get us a great deal.

Dawn Goldberg of Write Well U, who used to work with me until she started her passionate dream of a teaching writing business, she often blogs about her business planning and creative weekends with pal, Stacey Brice at AssistU. they book a weekend in a hotel together to brainstorm, get things done and have some fun girlfriend connection time.

Earlier in the week, I spoke to my friend Susan Vitale of Vital Threads Coaching. She was on her way to a program she was leading in Boston and had planned to stay overnight. I loved hearing that she put her Joyful Business Guide in the trunk for added inspiration when working on her business!

Many of you know that most mornings I take about an hour and go to a local cafe for my “Creative Bagel Time”. I had some something refreshing and then read an inspirational book or newseltter. I write my gratitude lists and journal for a few minutes and I’m primed to connect to my business and see where my energy and focus will be for the day. This is an easy practice to fit into your schedule and doesn’t take a lot of money but pays BIG RETURNS in focus, connecting to flow, ease and clarity.

What’s your Creative Retreat Time look like?



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