Dare to Tell – Day 13

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Here’s the challenge.

100 stories in 100 days…and that’s just the start!

We all have these stories that are really hard to tell.  You know the kind of stories? You’re not sure what people will think.  You don’t even know how you’re going to feel if you share it.

The ‘Dare To Tell’ Story Movement is about interviewing 100 people and blogging their stories every day.

This has been going strong for the past 30 days.  Here is Evie’s Story from Day 13.

Dare to Tell – Day 13

Evie’s Story

The Change

I had been working as a Project Manager for a small technology company for the previous 7 years.  I was just barely getting by.

My ‘to-do’ list was longer than was possible to get done in any given day or week.

I was working on a project that was not going well.  It was a client upgrade and for lots of reason, no-one was happy.  We finally got through it despite the frustrations, bumps and bruises.

It was a Monday morning.  I was called into the President’s office.  That was not unusual, in such a small company I was very comfortable with her.

But today was different.

She asked me to shut the door and to sit down.

She said, “Something needs to change”.  The undertone was clear, if I didn’t make changes, make more of an effort, they would have to let me go.

I was very upset and very angry.  I started by making all the excuses of why it wasn’t my fault.

In that moment all I could ask was ‘How did I end up here? I don’t know where I want to be but how, on earth, could this have happened to me.”

Later that week I was listening to a teleclass all about making changes in life.  I started crying; no I started bawling, I realized I was so unhappy in so many ways.

Luckily the company was bought out soon after, and I was given a good severance package.  I could dive into a learning path that would entirely change my career.

I became a Life Coach.  What I realize now as I think back on this story ….

What seems like the worst moment, what seems so awful at the time, leads you down a path than take you to a place that’s so much better.

If you would like to submit your story, please click here.

Lisa Bloom, founder of Story Coach Inc. helps entrepreneurs and business owners beat overwhelm, stress and discomfort with marketing to find confidence, attract ideal clients and make more money by finding their success story.  You can download Lisa's ebook "Using Stories to Get Great Clients" at www.story-coach.com

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