The Difference Between What You Have Now and What You Want

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The difference between what you have now and what you want is simply deciding that what you want CAN be part of your life. The problem for most people is they don’t believe they can have what they want simply because that’s not what they’re experiencing right now.

The key is to focus your energy, your vision, your beliefs and actions on what you DO want. This isn’t just visualization or intentioning It’s more powerful than that because you’re beginning to act from the place of already having what you want.

For example, when Richard and I decided to buy property and build a new house I learned the ins and outs of buying land versus buying an already made house. I learned what areas I wanted to live in. I learned about zoning for horses and what the county rules were.

I also checked out house plan books and Richard and I began to sketch out floor plans, talk about building materials and begin to meet and talk with people who had done what we wanted to do. Keep in mind, this was before I even knew what everything was going to cost (if I had known that, I probably would have thought I could not have accomplished it so sometimes, ignorance is bliss!). What mattered was I got myself into the stream of reality that I would own a piece of land and build a house.

Now, here I am, three years later in this beautiful home that we designed and built on a stunning piece of property.

Now it’s your turn: decide on something you want that you don’t currently have. It must be something you REALLY want. Learn everything you can about it. Immerse yourself in this topic as if it’s happening already and watch the magic unfold!

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