Do I Have to Show Up Happy & Positive All the Time?

By , Online and Relationship Marketing Mentor and Coach

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Christine M. Gallagher - Online and Relationship Marketing Mentor and Coach

The other day on Facebook I saw someone had posted this as their status: “If your definition of ‘spiritual’ means ‘must always be positive,’ I’m not interested in that game.”

Ooooh did that get my attention.

I’ve had those thoughts. I shouldn’t post about this because __________. [Insert reason here: I’m supposed to be positive, I’m a spiritual person, people will think I’m somehow a mess and won’t want to take advice from me, etc.]

In the comments, the person who posted that said they’d rather be seen as a “full spectrum human” than someone who has one default, always cheerful persona.

Full spectrum human: I LOVE that.

The truth is, opening up when things are less than rosy for you (yes, even in social media) can actually be a beautiful teaching moment for your followers, clients and friends, for three main reasons.

I’m sharing those reasons, as well as revealing a moment where I publicly “lost it” several years ago (with surprising results), in my video for you this week.

Please watch and share your thoughts in the comments with me. It would mean the world to hear from you on this, and find out how you’ve used (or avoided) things like social media to get “real” with folks. ????


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