Dream Big, Then Create Your Life and Business as if That Dream is Real

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In a teleseminar I taught today, I spoke about how one of the ways to create a 6 and 7 figure business is to make sure you have clients with big enough goals. The reason is, it’s tough to grow a high end business if your clients think small.

One of the reasons I’m successful is I dream big, then create my life and business as if that dream is real. Before I know it, it IS real. Not only am I impacting my life for the positive, I’m helping my clients believe that what they want is possible for them, too. Which is why so many of my clients quickly accelerate their 1ncome, their confidence and their vision of what’s possible for themselves. They take action they never thought they would take.

But you can’t just “dream big.” You have to see it, smell it, feel it, want it, desire it, hunger after it, thirst for it, taste it and be willing to become who you need to be in order for the Divine to hand it to you. If that sounds tough for you then you’re not likely to ever really get what you want. If, on the other hand, you read again what I just wrote and say, “Oh, YES!” then I have good news for you: You’re likely to experience the reality of your dream in a heartbeat. So, start preparing, okay? ((-:

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One comment on “Dream Big, Then Create Your Life and Business as if That Dream is Real
  1. Ivan @ MySoloBusiness says:

    Absolutely agree!
    Thinking big is the start to building a successful business.
    I actually quite enjoyed Donald Trumps’ book “Think Big And Kick Ass” where he shares inspiring stories of how there were key moments in his life where he also thought big…and got big results.
    Thanks for this Kendall!

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