Are You Dressing with Intention?

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A good friend of mine, Evana Maggiore, author of Fashion Feng Shui, talks about women entrepreneurs dressing with intention.  She suggests that you need to know your  “essential energy” – your authentic natural style – and then identify what is your “intentional energy” – what is the intention you want to communicate, .

This came to mind recently when it snowed in Atlanta. Yes snowed – for ONE whole day we made snowmen!  I was all snuggled inside reading my People magazine -oops! Yes, I confess I really enjoy my “who’s who” and “who’s wearing what!”  I was reading the issue with Michelle Obama and it struck me that while most of the country was having a winter snow storm there she was on the cover in a beautiful pink summer-like dress. Isn’t it still winter in Washington, I thought?   We’re talking “no-sleeves”  tank style. (I know you men are like…what is the relevant point here? Bear with me…)

It really struck me that she was setting “intentional energy”…she was dressing for spring and summer…lighter times…..the time of hope, renewal, new possibilities and enjoyment!  I have no doubt that this was very intentional on her part or the Obama marketing department – can you just hear them chatting about this? “What should Michelle wear for her cover photo to set the message of hope and prosperity? Oh, you know they have this conversation!”)

It’s really smart marketing if you ask me. I felt it. I wanted it to be spring and all that magical possibility energy that goes with it.

And if you want to read more about Intentional Energy – read my story about my Magic Wealth Bag! 😉

You can also read my related note – more about Michelle & Oprah.


PS: Although I suppose it could just be peri-menopause! Or…showing off her great biceps!

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