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Richard and I had the good fortune of spending the weekend with eighteen other entrepreneurs, focused on building great joint venture relationships. The spirit of our host, Christian Mickelson, was extraordinary. Thanks to him I now have an entirely new understanding of what it means to collaborate, be generous and support the growth of others.

I want to share a couple of the many epiphanies I had from this awesome get-together. My intention is that they will help you release the energy of competition, which is one of the nastiest forms of scarcity and lack there is, and instead, connect more richly with Divine Source energy. This will help you stand in your power, take confident action and create profitable relationships with others while serving your Soul’s Divine Purpose.

Epiphany #1: Competition springs from a belief that resources are scarce. Even competing “against ourselves” creates a feeling of driving, striving or fear. Instead, to move yourself forward by big leaps, focus on bettering your best in terms of how many people you can serve, how much you can grow your list or how many new raving fans you can add to your business.

Epiphany #2: If you give without getting much back in return, then your generosity is misplaced (this is actually a boundary issue, but that’s another article!). It’s fine to give but you also need to open up your ability to receive. Ask for what you want in return, which creates a cycle of giving/receiving…giving/receiving…

I’m really jazzed about how I’m going to be spreading the word about the work I do, and how I can help my colleagues and partners as well. I’ll keep you updated as to how I’m implementing this new focus. What I do know right now, is that it feels great, big, abundant and loaded with spirit.

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