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You know that I’m fascinated by people who are not only financially successful, but also live their life from a place of spirit, grace and generosity.

I’m always curious to discover how they handle the same kinds of situations that come up for regular folks, that must surely come up for them as well. Things like fear, trust or procrastination.

While I can’t speak for Oprah or other luminaries, I CAN share that as I become happier and happier (my feet hardly seem to touch the ground these days!) and become more and more successful in my life and in my business, I find that I’m able to:

* Recognize the emotion (instead of being caught in its grip)

* Thank the emotion for trying to serve me in some way (there’s ALWAYS a positive intention, even to a seemingly negative emotion)

* Turn my focus, thoughts and TALK to what I want instead (not just wishful thinking but really stating a clear intention).

This simple formula works like a charm every time, and leaves me feeling energized, focused and growing both my connection to soul and my business.

Wishing you a rich and beautiful week…

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