Finding Time the Heart-Based Way Every Day-3 Time Tips

By , The Time Finder Expert, Founder of Finding Time

Solo-E Certified Solo Entrepreneur Expert

Paula Eder - The Time Finder Expert, Founder of Finding Time

Finding time is a perennial challenge, and finding time the heart-based way can make that process a whole lot easier for you.

How?  Well, my Heart-Based Time Management System™ focuses on bringing your head and your heart into sync … and from that base flows your own prodigious power! When you are working with your heart and head in sync, you aren’t wasting energy (and time) fighting yourself.

These 3 tips will help you get there.  They may sound like something you’ve heard before, but pay attention and try them – they really work!

1. STOP:  Check in with yourself periodically during the day.  Ask some friendly questions.  How’s it going?  How do you feel?  Is something a little bit ‘off’?  Structuring your time to include these pauses gives you a very helpful opportunity to recalibrate and refresh!

2. LOOK:  Look at what you are doing.  This is a chance to take a step back.  Pretend that you are looking at yourself from above (and without criticism or judgment).  Are there unhelpful patterns that you notice?  Is there something that seems to be blocking your way?  Are you procrastinating about something?

3. LISTEN:  Now, ask yourself how you are feeling about what you see.  Ask with compassion, as a friend would, and open your heart as the answer comes.  This revealing dialogue will help you make the changes you need to, so that your heart and mind are working together again.

When you take the time to STOP, LOOK, and LISTEN, you give yourself the time and space to find time the Heart-Based way.  I think that you will be very pleased with the results, as you build this capacity into your moment-to-moment time management repertoire!

Paula Eder, PhD is an internationally-known coach and published author who specializes in mentoring heart-based entrepreneurs and small business owners, from the inside out, to align their core values and energy with their time choices and behaviors so that they make more money, create more freedom, and find more time.  To learn more about Paula’s unique, Heart-Based Time Management™ System and begin your transformational journey, sign up for her Finding Time Success Kit. Discover how you can find time for what matters most.

© Copyright 2011 Paula Eder, Ph.D.
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