FREE Teleclass: The Deep, Real Conversations We’re Scared to Have

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It’s Time to Take Back Your Power, Open Up and Connect with Each Other

Back in June, I held the first of the Deep Real Conversations call, and it was powerful and connecting. Very sacred – really just beyond words. What I know is that we are creating and leading a new way of being in business and being in our lives. Sometimes that means we put our heads on our desks and cry, and it’s ok to release. And we ask for help, and we do it collaboratively and in community. It’s not the traditional way of being in business and going through our lives… we are honoring our intuition, our emotional guidance, our spirituality and our values.

Part of why we as women entrepreneurs are feeling so frustrated is that we feel alone. We don’t have the mentors and the models out there to help lead the way. We’re yearning to connect with other women. To understand and validate that we aren’t alone in thinking about business that’s different from what the business books say.

Sometimes we can isolate ourselves, either where we live or through technology (the double edge is that we love the technology which allows us to do the work we’re passionate about it easily and around the world). But it’s draining to feel alone, to wonder if we are only really bonding with our computer and iphones.

Connection with other women is key. That’s why I started The Conversation – the real conversations, not just surface, how-are-you-doing-the-weather-is-great discussions.

During that June call, we talked a lot about being conscious with what’s going on with us mentally, emotionally, and in our bodies. We’re moving into something brand-new, the world is changing rapidly, women are leading the way, and yet we don’t have a roadmap for what that will look like. We are creating what our lives will look like in the future, and what our businesses will look like in a whole different way. And that can be scary. Building a community in our own patch of the world is important so that we’re not isolated.

I decided I didn’t want to do just one call and then that was it. I think these need to be a series of ongoing conversations – continuing to connect, have real conversations, go deep.

I’m leading another Deep, Real Conversations Call on Thursday, September 2, and I hope you’ll join me.

It’s an open call. I’ll bring a loose agenda. I’ll share my stories and my learnings. I’ll share where my clients are. I’ll share trends that I’m seeing for what’s really working and what’s not working. I might do a little on the spot coaching, but mostly we’ll be sharing, questioning, wondering, validating (not complaining, but being curious and learning).

Won’t you join us?

Thursday, September 2: The Deep, Real Conversations We’re Scared To Have – And It’s Time to Take Back Your Power, Open Up and Connect with Each Other

Time: 2pm eastern/ 11am pst / 7pm UK

Click to read more and to sign up now!

This is a free teleclass, and you won’t want to miss this different kind of call where we have those deep, real conversations.

I’m looking forward to connecting with you… Join me…

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