Try It With Me… Ask For Help No Matter What

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I just finished writing an article for StarLee Magazine, where I have a bi-monthly column on women and money. In the article I explained our ability to receive greater abundance in our life is in direct proportion to our ability to receive, period.
Which means allowing in rather than always giving out. Not easy for many women to do. It also means asking for help even at the risk that someone else may be inconvenienced or have to change their plans. Again, not easy for women to do.

I’ve been practicing this for the past few days and noticing the discomfort it can stir up. The practice has become to ask for help, no matter what.

Intuitively I can feel that this is a breakthrough in the making. Because to ask for help no matter what means I need to move through worrying what others think, trying to make everything okay for everyone else, etc.

Can you relate? ,Try it with me…ask for help no matter what. Let’s see what amazing breakthrough happens for you, too!

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