Money – A Mirror for Personal Growth

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When I decided that I was going to add a fifth horse to our equine family, I knew two things: 1) that I was going to invest in a horse with a lot of training, which meant he would come with a hefty price tag; and 2) that until I felt I deserved to spend that kind of money, the right horse would not find me.

To prepare, I began to shop online, researching Spanish horses in today’s market. At first, I dismissed the really highly trained, more expensive horses I saw, thinking, “That’s out of my budget.” But the truth was, the budget I had set was based on worrying what other people would think if I spent more.

The classic, “who am I to ____________” syndrome, right?

But, because I use money as a mirror for my personal growth, I quickly recognized I was playing the who-am-I game and I stopped it. I doubled my budget, lived with the discomfort of that for several weeks, until one day, when I was shopping for horses online, I saw one that was so stunningly beautiful it made me weep. I looked at the asking price and realized that I could actually buy a horse like that. Tears flowed down my cheeks, as I knew that I had broken through to a new paradigm of deservability.

A few weeks later I was half-heartedly looking at a horse on YouTube when up popped a video recommendation for a horse — my horse — for sale. Nine days later I was flying to Florida to check him out and eight days after that he arrived here in Tucson.

The point is to dream big…and to do the interior work so that your inner paradigm leaps beyond your current outer reality. Once it does, your outer reality will catch up, and fast.

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One comment on “Money – A Mirror for Personal Growth
  1. Christina Rodriguez - The Diva's Home says:

    What a good way to put it. Why don’t we believe that we deserve more or better than we have? What makes those that we perceive to have more deserve it more than we do? Nothing. They just don’t settle for less! Sometimes though, they really can’t afford the things they have. So if you can, you shouldn’t feel bad. I am learning this myself!

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